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( Oct. 18th, 2017 06:47 am)
Urban wanderings. Driving a car might have been involved, though someone else seemed to have returned it somewhere (or else it was one of those 'self-driving' cars). Sense that I asked someone or was just hearing someone talk about nuclear war survivability.  Seemed to get that somewhere (don't recall) or at the shoreline, wouldn't survive, but might if it was one of those EMP-triggering blasts (I guess, still way up in the air).
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( Oct. 12th, 2017 08:04 am)
Hung out a bit with a trans  LJ friend (i.e., one when through LJ from back in its heyday). There were other people about, but I noticed her.

Also interacted with someone in the place where I grew up  who either was, or felt like Tony Stark.  In all his mercurial, genius, narcissistic glory.  He suddenly disappeared, but then left some (literal) signs that he would be back. 
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( Oct. 11th, 2017 06:26 am)
Something involving Buffy and Giles from BtVS.  She seemed to switch to a different 'place' / dimension / frequency, etc. in order to truly take a break from her ongoing travails. There, though, she could relax (a bit), and Giles, who was there, turned into his very much longer self (child-age) and was starting a song, I think (yeah, a bit Musical-like). Observing this, I was bemused by the idea that the young Tony Head had curly hair (i.e., the 'casting' of the child actor playing his young self)...
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( Oct. 9th, 2017 05:47 am)
Wandering an interior.  Seeming to see my Niece, in bed.  Doing some sort of perambulation, then, possibly seeing her again (or maybe checking in on her).  Then, talking to someone else, who seemed to be criticizing something I'd done.  I remember being a little defensive, but in the sense that I disagreed with something.  The impression is that I was telling the other person that anything else she (the Niece) did as service (towards 'God' or some other local version of a/the deity, I think) would be coming from her, not as a result of training/nagging, etc. So this may have been some mild disagreement/argument over how much to nag a child about her duty/devotion to deity, with me saying the rest should come from her, be self-motivated.
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( Oct. 6th, 2017 06:21 am)
Some wanderings somewhere.  Saw a demo of a 'non-lethal' LE control device which turned out...to also be lethal.  Some type of 'tubing' would get around perps. then sedate them.  Except, during the demo, it turned out that if they struggled too  much / or maybe if the drug wasn't working on them within some set span of time...it would kill them.  As I watched in vague horror, the tubing or netting killed them, then seemed to immediately dissolved them, as the tubing kind of forced into a crinkled ball around where they used to be.
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( Sep. 29th, 2017 06:40 am)
Wandered an interior.  In one large area, thought it was a lab; my current boss seemed to be there.  I felt there was something missing or not working correctly, after poking around a bit.  She was instructing the other people there on something.

In another area, I had been sleeping, I think.  Thought a co-worker (Lithuanian-American lady) but from another dept. was around.  I wandered out through a couple of rooms, a hall, then tried to find my way back.  Kept ending up in what seemed to me to be bedrooms, sometimes waking the occupants, then realizing it wasn't my room.  It seemed 'dark'...as in not brightly lit (or maybe not at all). No one seemed put out per se, just noticing me there, probably wondering what I was up to.  That, or I wander around confused and 'lost' a lot, and they're used to it.

In one more open area i stopped in, I may ave been hanging out with or talking to a few other people, and saw what looked at first glance to be a letter or postcard to someone there, that had my writing on it.  Part of me felt a momentary umbrage: "Oh, they just left it out here!" Then I realized "But then again, that means they read it..." I had the impression that the person to whom this had gone was Tony Stark-like, who'd been in one of the bedrooms I wandered into (then again, had just read a story with that character in it the day before this dream)...
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( Sep. 20th, 2017 06:46 am)
Seemed to be in the kitchen of my childhood home; some guy patted my parent's siamese cat, but in that ruffle the fur way, too hard...and upset, she jumped off the kitchen counter, then jumped way up onto a little ledge or shelf in the bathroom next to the kitchen (that didn't exist in Real Life)...whereupon I kind of scolded him for patting her too hard.

*   *   *

I was outside, moving around a landscape reminiscent of my hometown's downtown area, where there was snow and icy slush - except I didn't seem to have the right winter shoes on.  But I was carefully moving around in it.  I was giving some large truck (tractor trailer?) a wide berth, then realized there was a cop car coming slowly behind me, so got out of its way after indicating that I was going over *this* way...
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( Sep. 19th, 2017 07:08 am)
Two periods of dreaming, with a slight biphasic period of having trouble getting right back to sleep in between.

Recall has faded for the one sequence, but the other one included being in a interior, and getting the impression it was a restaurant, as there seemed to be a 'host/hostess' station, from whence one person would lead people who had arrived to eat, to their table.  Bizarrely, though, it also seemed to have a hand-drying station built into the lower front.  I had used the bathroom, then went to dry my hands here...
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( Sep. 18th, 2017 07:01 am)
Was at some place - some kind of business, apparently.  I had some repair issue, and I think I stopped in to inquire about it. (Something similar to this going on in real life.) I spoke to one woman, whose English was good, then was handed off to another, whose English and ability to communicate completely effectively was NOT as good.  The 2nd person tried two times to conclude the interaction correctly, but I realized she'd failed.  She initiated situations, including sending an object (that was NOT mine) out for repair, which made me realize that my repair issue had to been addressed correctly.  Each time, I made it clear that what she'd done was not what I needed, she indicated she could not halt or reverse the process.  At that point, I asked to speak to a manager.  I tried to tell her I wasn't doing this to get her in trouble, because she had, overall, been trying her best to be helpful.  But I needed this resolved; wasn't going to just accept the new situation (incorrect actions initiated, no way to know i I'd get what I needed out of it).  She was not happy, but went off. The initial woman (good English) showed up again (not sure if she was that 'Manager', or if she just dropped by to see how I was getting on).  I proceeded to explain what had happened, that the other woman gad tried, but had set things up incorrectly.  As I did so, the alarm woke me up.
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( Sep. 17th, 2017 01:44 pm)
Spent some time at some vent similar to a convention, in that as it was apparently winding down, certain barrier-like objects were being removed, as if the event was now starting to be broken down. So, was some interior setting with people coming and going.   
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( Sep. 13th, 2017 07:18 am)
Details fading now, but lots of dreamage. 

The following word was in my head upon awakening: 'Bish┼Źnen'/'Bishounen'
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( Sep. 12th, 2017 07:15 am)
Wandering the grounds of a school.  There was this guy - reminded me of one current co-worker - whom I may have been following around (out of feeling Insecure) - who went into a classroom.  I went to follow him, but got that this was a mycology class, and wasn't *mine* - so I either didn't have to, or oughtn't to lurk there. So I wandered a bit by myself during the interim.
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( Sep. 10th, 2017 08:53 pm)
Interior Wanderings.  There seemed to be a game or contest on, where groups o young people, perhaps children, would try to win by mock 'killing someone - possibly like a lazar tag type of thing, but not even necessarily involving 'weapons'.  Possibly a skills-building game. I was out and about, trying to keep away from an antagonist group in the game, but at one point, came across my 'dad' - (not really my real-life dad) - and talked briefly to him, but keeping an eye out for those other players.  He seemed to be a professor type, perhaps at a school. My wish to not get caught was a child's egoic desire to not get picked off too early in the game/practice.
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( Sep. 7th, 2017 07:20 am)
Some interior wanderings; I seemed to be part of some family group (mother, father, kids) going through some museum or exhibit.  It was a bit dark, and there may have been a 'spooky' element to the exhibit (was it an insane asylum recreation?  Or some such?).  Some of us kids got separated from the rest, wandered a bit, and seemed to have a meal at one end of a long table.  Later, the rest of the 'family' found us again, about to have their meal, and we mischievously hid the fact that we'd already eaten, and with me winking unseen by the rest at 'dad' (not my real-life dad), we prepared to have another...
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( Sep. 2nd, 2017 07:20 am)
Bit of a run-around. Included a rambling interior, and also exterior areas, some of which reminded me of the local environs of where I grew up.  As it will. I seemed to be trying to infiltrate some sort of compound full of hostiles - a young man, who was part of this enclave, yet may have been due to be 'sacrificed' by those around him, was also involved. There was a 1960s Batman-like quality to the adventure, in that I would get caught by one of those there, then slip away and start sneaking around again, trying to get familiar enough with the layout while searching for the young man whom I may have been trying to 'rescue' - not clear. This happened several times, then I got caught and brought to the head honchos, I think.  I know one include a female who seemed a bit sentimental or regretful on some level about the upcoming sacrifice, but who ultimately was going to go through with it.  As I was lead away (high probability of being killed this time - at least according to the usual tropes!) , I slipped away during a moment of distraction and headed outside, to an encampment nearby which also may have been of the hostiles - but which may, I suddenly recalled, mean that the endangered young man was around somewhere, nearby (also true to the usual thriller plot structure).  So we might have been about to get to the 'Listen, I'm not lying, and I may be your only hope to get out of the planned doom somehow!!' scene, where the protagonist finally convinces the other person to accept their help. However, woke up before that one.
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( Aug. 25th, 2017 07:53 am)
Weird sequence, not well recalled, of interior wanderings.  At one point, my current boss seemed to be leading a few of us around, or possibly giving us a tour.  She let herself in to (actually unlocked, which I thought a bit Bold of her) someone's office - I got the person who was out was a new researcher of some kind, newly come to that institution. But she let herself in as pretty as you please, then said something to the effect of hs hoped he'd cleaned his 'potato pipe'... She wanted to show us it, apparently thought we would find it amusing or interesting.  She was bending down to pick up (from a little pile of stuff on the floor) and check it....
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( Aug. 17th, 2017 07:14 am)
A weird sequence where I was in this interior which had lot of people - like a sci-fi-fi convention or something similar.  Vague impression that I was with or saw someone (female) whom I knew.  At any rate, saw Justin Trudeau... and wanted to get a picture with or of him.  I don't recall exactly what was so funny, but there was something, maybe him holding some object up, that would have made a really witty composition, great for posting to the internet and being seen as Witty, and I wanted that picture (and knew that in general, due to his 'I'm a good natured fellow' reputation) that he was more likely than the average VIP to grant said photo.

However, before I could easily get that picture, but right before I was going to get at least some sort of photo, he was telling a tale, perhaps to me but especially to another person (male) there, that when people took photos (but, unexpected flash photos of him), this is what kept happening:  HE was actually an alien, and some royalty or leader, and when he was startled by that kind of photo, loyal underlings would suddenly appear, hustle him inside some little area to check on his well-being (due to having sensed his startlement and momentary unease). So super-quick that no one else noticed it. This being thus startled and instantly checked on tended to make him cranky, at least momentarily.  Unfortunately, before I could process what I'd heard, I think I accidentally took one of those photos.  Trudeau became very still and quiet , and I found myself fearing I'd annoyed him.
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( Aug. 14th, 2017 06:32 am)
An especially Weird sequence last night. Seeing some scenario as if solders were aware of journalists who were doing the usual patriotic flogging of war bulls*t.  The soldiers had the usual contempt for such chicanery, except there seemed to be one guy, one journalist they still respected (I think?), as his ability to evoke the idea of what was Good and Worthwhile was matched by no others.  Here, I'm not sure if they saw his as also propaganda but just so well done they had to respect it...some evocation of Mom ad Apple Pie (that whole 'What are we fighting for?')...or whether what he wrote somehow Transcended the fact that our general excuses for war are, in general, Lies.  Another possibility is that he among the rest was the only one to finally start telling Truth.  Which, in that context, would be the Dangerous practice of speaking Truth to Power. (Especially when the PTB are caught up in one of their 'We make reality' moments.)

This scene segued to a couple of 'angels' (though they looked like those little kid angels -there was a quality to this scene similar to some of the 'It's a Wonderful Life' scenes), speaking of the journalist in actual Awe - they appeared to be claiming him as one of their own (but presumably incarnated as a human).  One mentioned that if anyone was truly Wyrd...(and it was that 'word', in that 'spelling')...it was this guy. So even the angels looked up to this guy.
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( Aug. 13th, 2017 09:09 pm)
Weird mix of scenes - in one, was dealing with a few antagonists - one of whom looked or 'felt' like the Marvel Movieverse's Loki.  I was in a room, and  several people swarmed in, and the Loki-like one glanced up, saw me, and seemed to say/express the equivalent of an avid "You'll do!"  As if on a little bed, I proceeded to try to keep these beings or things or whatever they were own and away from me, as if by flipping or flapping the edges of the bedspread at them.

In another scene or location, I seemed to have fled to another room (a bit like my childhood home's kitchen).  Something related to the 'antagonists' was chasing me, apparently. I backed into a corner, and tried to keep this little squirrel-like creature from attacking me, but it eventually leaped in and bit me.  At that point, I had this general 'Well, they got me now..." type of reaction.  Only thing I can thing in retrospect is it was some kind of biotech - perhaps something transmitted by the bite?  So, 'squirrel' as delivery mechanism, maybe....
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( Aug. 12th, 2017 06:20 am)
Was outside, road-trippin' through unfamiliar rural territory.  Someone (felt 'male') passed or veered off from behind, going down a left-hand fork I was just passing.  I kept going, or onto the right hand fork.  Presently, I came to....

...someone's basement. This guy, and a woman (his 'mother') were living there.  I may not have been traveling completely alone [ya think??!], as another female seemed to join me (or was with me all long?  Not clear) The 'mother' figure left the immediate area, as if to go get refreshments.  I got the impression the guy wanted to tell us about something, possibly an interest of his.  I may have been thinking I didn't want to get stuck hanging out there too long.  it was about this time when another female, not the mother figure, seemed to draw near and join in the conversation. Whoever this was, it may have reassured me that I wasn't 'alone' with this guy.

Along the way (not sure if from above sequence or not) the guy may have shown me that we were in a city (so wasn't a basement, or we'd moved out of the basement area of this dwelling to one with windows on the outside). I asked where it was, and he told me (I don't recall the specific name now, upon waking). Wasn't a city I'd heard of, but was, from the glance outside, pretty 'metropolitan'.  Enough tall buildings, some skyscrapers, for me to immediately it identify it as a cityscape. But I was surprised, as I'd not been apparently near any city.  Then again, it had been night as I'd been traveling. As far as I remember. I also had a vague impression that I'd been in some area of this country, and this city, whatever it was, again, wasn't something I'd heard of.


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