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( May. 5th, 2017 05:27 am)
 Was in an urban area, wandering about, with that POV /  should-I-even-be-here? confusion.  I saw that the Authorities had a female prisoner, someone who had, perhaps, been involved in or leading a rebellion. They declared publicly and falsely, that their prisoner had died. She was actually tied to a post, just out of site of the public, looking beaten and bused, with huge, pendulous breasts hanging down.  They'd lied so that they could continue to degrade her at their leisure with the public (they assumed) no wiser.

But I observed one man, just an ordinary looking man, who'd apparently stopped by to see the spectacle, walk away from the area, as if back to work.  But actually, he stopped to chat with a woman in a square nearby, and surreptitiously passed on the real news. They were talking...planning some kind of uprising.

I wandered away from their conversation briefly, then tried to make my way back to them again, but got confused and wandered in to a cozy, large family restaurant.  Thinking that I oughtn't to be there, I tried to find my way through and back outside, but in there, too, the restaurant staff were, rather than getting annoyed that I'd stumbled in there, intimating, subtly, that an uprising was in the works.

I returned to the square, but the man had finally left, back to work, perhaps to keep up the pretense that he was just an ordinary functionary. But the word had been passed on, and the ordinary folk now knew that the woman - and, presumably the desire for freedom and an uprising (if that was what it took) - was still very much alive.


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