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( Sep. 17th, 2017 01:44 pm)
Spent some time at some vent similar to a convention, in that as it was apparently winding down, certain barrier-like objects were being removed, as if the event was now starting to be broken down. So, was some interior setting with people coming and going.   
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( Jul. 26th, 2017 07:07 am)
Wandered an interior and exterior locations.  First I was inside some building, pretending to sleep (?) on a bed.  However, I was a bit worried, as there were some people going about, and I worried they were going to do something medical to me, willy-nilly.  I may have been considering hiding, perhaps under the bed covers. However, there were others about, some 'kids' - and suddenly one of them ran up to me and invited me to come play.  I said "Sure!" and, worried they'd become impatient if I dithered too long, hastened to throw on a couple of shirts/jumpers, as I knew it wasn't that warm outside. 

We went out, and (assuming this sequence was continuous) there seemed to be a lot of people hanging about outside.  In fact, seemed to be a large party, or at least there was that atmosphere.

At one point felt I was talking to a pair, one female who reminded me of (i.e., I thought she was) a friend from my Boston past whom I fell out of touch with in intervening years, and some guy.  Though she also could feel or perhaps seem like an alternate person/character.  Or else, as I awoke and assembled dream details, this person reminded of more than one person.  Anyway, she seemed eager to talk to me, and wanted especially to know something about me, but actually about my parents, maybe my dad - but I think, their/his political beliefs.  And I recall thinking to myself that this would be me explaining the difference between my dad and I, that we didn't share certain basic beliefs right now. EitherI didn't want her to misunderstand what I was about, but I felt that the difference between us needed to be emphasized.

I may have gone into another interior, or just wandered off a bit at one point, but felt I needed to get back to that couple.  While elsewhere, saw a woman saying something, perhaps explaining about some terrain that was nearby, yet it may be you had to be on a special group tour type of thing, to go over there.  Wasn't clear there may have been a specific thype of vehicle that would take people there or across it,  May have been bouldery or otherwise not a smooth traveling area. Mountain or Glacier-related?  Not sure.

This was about when I especially strongly got that 'party' or outside gathering impression. General sense of people hanging around outside, a few kids running about the fringes, etc.

I ended up eventually inside an interior again (again, not sure if continuous).  There seemed to be a prep going on for an event, something big.  My 'friend' from earlier seemed to be there; she told me (quietly but with satisfaction) that she'd been asked to read something, maybe some part of the ceremony of what I got the impression was similar to a marriage or a hand fasting. She seemed pretty chuffed to be asked to do that, sort of a "How cool, huh?" impression from her. This also may have been her way of letting me know she would be busy (and maybe  couldn't spend as much time with me right then). People may have already been there, or maybe they had yet to arrive; not clear.

I wandered across this large interior space and noticed this guy fiddling with something, some piece of equipment. A large glass lens may have been involved. Concerned that he was trying to go usurp the space (perhaps to show something, like a slide show?) and start doing something right before this big celebratory event, I kind of warned him off. He may have been (quietly) Amused about that.  At that point, I then considered that he may actually have been completely involved in the upcoming event.

Still loitering about, I saw a little cube on the floor.  This seemed to have a computer-type connection (similar to an ethernet port) but also a little area where, when it was working properly, or properly 'on', held a little blue 'flame' like a gas pilot light.  Dunno if this was something that guy was going to use, something someone else would need, or just something I stumbled across. (Might even be that I was told to go look at it to get me out of certain people's hair...)

Al I know is upon awakening, recalling seeing that rocky or bouldery or mountainy area, my mind immediately thought, suspiciously...."Huldenfolk...?"



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