In murky interior ( as is so often the case), with that usual, vague 'I wonder what I'm doing here....I probably shouldn't be here' feeling. Kind of like a not very light 'warehouse', with stuff and alcoves and walkways. Woke up from sleep and started my usual 'probably shouldn't be here' wandering around. There were a few people here and there, and I had my usual vague worry about that, but (again, as usual), no one seemed alarmed or upset or angry if and when they saw me. Which now leads me to speculate that despite feeling 'out of place', it's Okay that I'm there; maybe I'm 'supposed' to be there after all...? This time, a possible vague lean towards lucidity, in that I told someone that perhaps I was sleepwalking... (to end up there). Some attempt towards a 'logical explanation', almost as if I were almost recalling where I 'should' be - my own place. Not sure, but there may have been some travel outside the 'building' also. Or I could be thinking about the next sequence below.

* * *

Watching two cats who had some on-going conflict. As in 'mortal enemies' level conflict. I got the impression that one cat (I may have been a pal or just watching him and learning about his life), had this enmity with another cat. At least 3 times they tangled (formally?), the first two the one I was listening to had, I think, 'started it'. But this 3rd time, he would have to seek out the other one, but in order to manipulate him into attacking him in order to be able to interact - something like that. Possible formal rules to such a 'conflict'? Possibly the one I was following was hurt or ill and needed to get something (up to and including the life?) from his antagonist in order to survive. He did do that, go somewhere outside where the other one became aware of him and couldn't apparently resist attacking, but the antagonist was overcome. Possibly he wasn't really up for a true battle but was so angry a type of cat that the one I was following knew he wouldn't be able to resist attacking.

I woke before I found out what exactly the victor would get from this and whether it would really kill the other one, but recall seeing the other one lying there, and I think, feeling a tad of compassion towards it - in a, 'Yeah, he can't really fight back; hope they don't, like, abuse him too much at this point or anything...' way. That 'No honor comes from further abusing an already defeated opponent' type of attitude.


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