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( Sep. 2nd, 2017 07:20 am)
Bit of a run-around. Included a rambling interior, and also exterior areas, some of which reminded me of the local environs of where I grew up.  As it will. I seemed to be trying to infiltrate some sort of compound full of hostiles - a young man, who was part of this enclave, yet may have been due to be 'sacrificed' by those around him, was also involved. There was a 1960s Batman-like quality to the adventure, in that I would get caught by one of those there, then slip away and start sneaking around again, trying to get familiar enough with the layout while searching for the young man whom I may have been trying to 'rescue' - not clear. This happened several times, then I got caught and brought to the head honchos, I think.  I know one include a female who seemed a bit sentimental or regretful on some level about the upcoming sacrifice, but who ultimately was going to go through with it.  As I was lead away (high probability of being killed this time - at least according to the usual tropes!) , I slipped away during a moment of distraction and headed outside, to an encampment nearby which also may have been of the hostiles - but which may, I suddenly recalled, mean that the endangered young man was around somewhere, nearby (also true to the usual thriller plot structure).  So we might have been about to get to the 'Listen, I'm not lying, and I may be your only hope to get out of the planned doom somehow!!' scene, where the protagonist finally convinces the other person to accept their help. However, woke up before that one.


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