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( Apr. 15th, 2017 06:51 am)
 Bit of travel-dreaming, I think, but not good recall of most of it.  But there was a 'scene' - involving one of those 'Am I in it, or just watching it?' POV confusions, where I was seeing two college aged kids.  Both seemed to be Harvard kids, but Harvard kids from Casting Central, as it were. My recall is fragmented, so it felt like a jump-cut. They were disembarking a boat (though not, I think, a scull) but I think at a dock of a boathouse for sculls. I think the young woman (blond) was lifted a bit up and deposited onto the dock. She seemed self-satisfied...or maybe just content at the moment.  Her boyfriend (not sure if also blond or not but if so would have fit that sense of 'stereotypical WASP student') glanced around and noted, possibly just to himself, "Time slip" or possibly "Time line jump."  As if he were sensitive to that sort of change, and had just noticed their shift.  A bit deal was not being made; just a 'hmmm...' noting it in passing kind of moment.


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