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( Mar. 26th, 2017 08:45 am)
Some interesting imagery from last night/early this morning. Was at my childhood home; my mom seemed to still be there. The Neighbors across the street were painting their house - and we were all astonished and amazed to observe that they were....painting it with...Invisible Paint. That is, the house, as the paint was applied by the workmen, started to mirror what was outside of it, thus creating somewhat the illusion of invisibility. At one point we started to see the reflection on the side of the neighbor's wall, of a piece of art, an oil painting (vase of flowers), that was inside my parent's bedroom.

* * *

Accompanied my dad and a friend (from childhood) of his in a car, along with one cat (my current?) as they went driving. My dad seemed to be in a weird mood, grumbling about the current breakdown of society. We stopped briefly near some houses and my dad asked me to see if another friend (whom he hasn't talked to in many years; not sure he's even still alive) was available. He wasn't clear as to what exact house he was in, but asked me to go ask him in person. I chose to instead call the man on the phone; I finally got a very sleepy answer; he declined to come out as he was trying to sleep. I returned to the car to inform them of this, and another cat (reminded me of one of my past cats?) was outside so we let her get in, too. I ws then trying to wrangle them to get and stay in the car, before we departed...


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