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( Mar. 24th, 2017 07:06 am)
In an interior; there seemed to be some people there, guys, whom I did not entirely trust. Not in imminent danger way, more of a 'could be dangerous' way. Also, I may have thought that they didn't care much for animals such as pets. Some the interior reminded me (at least somewhat) of the house I grew up in. In one bedroom there seemed to be my friend from undergrad (and maybe her husband, too; not clear), as well as one or two pets (one of them mine from the past); those animals may be about whom I was moderately concerned.

Not sure if a continuation of the earlier scenario something new, but spent some time outside, and near the end of the dream, seemed to have seen at least three small dogs lifted into the sky by standard-sized children's balloons and swept away before I could stop /help them. After the first or so, I tried to rationalize against actively getting upset (Maybe it'll turn out to be okay anyway, somehow) but after the last, lifted my head to the sky and dramatically screamed "WHY DO I HAVE TO KEEP SEEING THIS??!! WHY? WHY? WHY????!!!" Yes; I was really Pissed, but woke up right after this.


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