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( Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:15 am)
 A mish-mash of scenes...seemed to involve interacting with multiple people, as if there were some threat or challenge, and we were working together to deal with a complicated situation.

In one, some of us seemed to be in some weird, run-down cellar or basement area. We left it, but I returned a bit later.  In another, I may have returned to a location we'd also left, but this time, paid much more attention to these two little creatures, whom I seemed to interact with, possibly 'tame' in some way.  They may have hid in some..'.aluminum foil'...but were wont to fly about; I may have held them and/or fed them something; that seemed to habituate them to me somewhat.  A woman, I guess part of that extended group, also stopped back by the location, and noted what I'd done, looking at the creatures herself.  A bit later, I saw someone coming up a road on a hillside, as if he were on some kind of skateboard (but a hill so steep that he might not have been self-propelling)...


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