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( Mar. 19th, 2017 07:51 am)
Was concerned about someone, perhaps a family member (possibly Dad?) who was having organ problems. Got from this woman (Nurse, other medical professional? In any case, she seemed to be SomeoneWhoKnew) that the most crucial thing was his kidneys; she claimed that he only needed the equivalent of dialysis for the liver functions "twice a year". I expressed surprise at that, and after waking, now express great skepticism...unless the point of that was that the kidneys are slightly more crucial than the liver. But not even sure that is true.

* * *

Either was/had turned male, or was trans. Was wandering a cluttered, messy interior; felt school-like in one sense, that there were many young people (though high school age) about. Needed to pee; knew I had to go to the proper bathroom. Dithered, and almost went be accident or due to habit?) to the girl's bathroom, but ducked out and into the boy's area. Was aware that I had this penis, but had the impression that I'd still been going 'the other way'. But got that 'Ok; it's time to go the proper male way' impression, so went over to a urinal or toilet bowl that was full of litter (which annoyed and disgusted me, but didn't know where else I could go), held that penis, and tried to 'push' the urine out through it, but it wasn't working; felt as if I was about to dribble out through the usual hole (as if I had both). Also the 'penis' felt smaller than 'normal'. (At this point, upon waking, the question becomes, was it a real penis or just a fake appendage?)

* * *

Felt I was in the library; I walked to an area (possibly not technically a library floor) where there were a bunch of young guys hanging out and making (IMO, Too much) noise. I indicated that I'd be back to check on them and their noise level, but then paused as I started to walk away, asking myself, should they be there at all? (In other words, was I being too Nice already?)


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