kalibex: (sabbath)
( Mar. 17th, 2017 05:48 am)
At a mall; saw a male pop-star in a corner singing (who'd been of course brought in to entice the tweens and teens) in a corner; saw one young woman to my right exclaim happily as she saw him. I was exploring the mall; happened into one of my favorite stores; saw a top that actually is found at another store in RealLifeā„¢ in a size I figured I could wear, but it was the last one, on a mannequin. Next to it was another top and I decided, in a flash, that I MUST, just MUST have them both. In that moment, nothing mattered more than getting them, and I knew that I was so avid that the salespeople would acquiesce and get them off the mannequins for me. I also wanted to look around the store more thoroughly, as I was in that avid Buying Mood where I pretty much just get what strikes my fancy (and maybe return later). Something distracted me I think, but I kept reminded myself to go back and finish canvassing that specific store...


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