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( Jul. 9th, 2010 11:09 am)
Have any of you ever actually used the GoLoco ride sharing service?

The idea is that it's a clearing house for ride sharing information, that those riding with the driver contribute a share of the ride's cost (gas, tolls, etc, with the $ taken out of an member account, transferred from sharer to driver), and the service itself adds on to the trip cost and takes a 10% transaction fee.

Just curious - I signed up a bit back, but haven't used it yet myself. Today I returned to the site to explore it a bit more, and so far I feel I see a lot of people who've signed up....but have never actually shared a trip yet.

The GoLoco blog hasn't had a new entry added at all in over a year.

So, in your opinion: Is this a failed venture of Robin Chase? Is it just a little ahead of its time (service was started in 2007), taking a while to catch on? Or are you using it or know people who are using it successfully?


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