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( Mar. 13th, 2017 05:46 am)
Combo of School dream and (Urban) Wandering dream.

In the school dream, sensed I had a couple of 'companions' who were 'around' (if not always right there or involved in every moment). Looking for a class I was supposed to be at (I thought, but who knows?). One companion closed the door or a classroom as we passed by, supposedly as it wasn't the class we were looking for, but it turned out to be one door of a classroom that had a class in session at that moment. The teacher met us bemusedly at the 2nd door as we passed by (probably just wondering who was messing with their door). That person felt/looked like one faculty member from my workplace. Due to this, the class topic seemed to be that of her area at school (a clinical discipline). I saw one female student working outside the class, but at a clinical style workstation. After this little interaction, we continued on, as I again became certain I was supposed to be at a class that I was currently in the process of missing...

* * *

Was in an interior, near an exterior window. Apparently we were right next to the water; perhaps the building was on stilts right at the water's edge or even extended over the water. There were two male companions in the room with me, but not feeling that familiar to me. Okay to be around, but not familiar. (A continuation of the last scenario?) Suddenly, through the window, I (and the fellow nearest me, stood to my right), saw a helicopter apparently crash or fall into the ocean (possibly too 'slowly' to be real, though). I kind of goggled at this in dismay, then urgently, wishfully, thought, Up...Up as if willing telekinesis (though without assuming it would work, but definitely wishfully). And what do you know - up it came slowly. However, this (possibly against all normal physical probabilities) caused a tsunami to start to occur, just from the displaced water. I goggled now at this apparent big wave as it gathered, then started to impact the building. It may have looked as if water were slowly starting to seep into the room; not sure. I don't recall if I warned my companions, (or if I assumed they could see it, so they knew to flee) but I took off running through the building. When I got outside, there was no sign of any water or wave. I do know that the guy who'd been standing closest to me in the room claimed to not have seen anything. The other guy probably hadn't, either. I had been, perhaps, 'punked' by an illusion...?

* * *

Was on a public bus in an urban area. Again, I seemed to have two male companions. I had been talking to two other males, as in making conversation, being sociable. At the end of the conversation, they were exiting the bus, and as one departed, a brightly colored (either fluorescent orange-red or lime green - might have actually switched between the two colors - but definitely very brightly noticeable) handkerchief kind of floated down, and I think I automatically caught it - and it had fresh snots, which immediately got on my hand. At that point I was abashed, with an Ewww...Ewww! reaction, needing to go get something dry with which to wipe the residue off and then go wash my hands, but forced in the moment to wait, feeling Ecccch. As the bus pulled away, though, I forced the handkerchief through a slot in one partly-open window and out into the street, I think catching the departing fellows' attention, with the thought that they would now have to retrieve his handkerchief before they left the area. Another punking? Not sure, but may have caught some amusement from either them or my two companions at my snot-rag-related dismay.

* * *

Seemed to be at my childhood home, and seemed to see someone stop their car across the street at our neighbor's place and steal something 'brown' (I saw him carrying it in his arms up part of their driveway; he may have left in a different direction than he came, for he seemed to go further into their yard). I mentioned what I'd seen to someone; may have been my (departed) mom. I think either she identified what was taken as the baby Jesus part of the neighbor's crèche set (which they don't have in their Christmas display in Real Life™, or I figured it out myself. I was messing around with a phone, trying to call the police to report this, when the neighbor woman came home. Seeing her, I called her over and started telling her about the theft, thinking to myself that I didn't have to call this in now - she could do it.


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