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( Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:18 pm)
Back home now. Trip was fun - glad I went to a real Library conference. Though I suppose all the real movers & shakers also/instead go to Educause?

Saw a presentation from U of Miami people (mixture of comp sci and librarians) about using larger spine labels and a code similar to a QR code to use a smartphone to shelf-read/inventory, using Augmented Reality software. Saw some good posters, especially related to IL/assessment/QA. Attended a roundtable about Problem-based Learning. Gathered a tote bag of swag for my co-workers. Saw Craig Kelly (last keynote) of "What Not to Wear" fame. And no, he didn't actually relate the self-expression via clothing tips he energetically dispensed, to College and Research Libraries - though many attendees were on twitter doing so as he talked (see my tweets from earlier today for my commentary).

The historic part of Philly was nice, the hotel was good, and I walked way too much today. Took the subway after that. Saw Independence Hall.

And that's about it. Can only do so much in a day and a half. I liked it enough to consider going back sometime just for fun. Maybe even this Spring/Summer with my new SLR digital camera.


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