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( Aug. 12th, 2017 06:20 am)
Was outside, road-trippin' through unfamiliar rural territory.  Someone (felt 'male') passed or veered off from behind, going down a left-hand fork I was just passing.  I kept going, or onto the right hand fork.  Presently, I came to....

...someone's basement. This guy, and a woman (his 'mother') were living there.  I may not have been traveling completely alone [ya think??!], as another female seemed to join me (or was with me all long?  Not clear) The 'mother' figure left the immediate area, as if to go get refreshments.  I got the impression the guy wanted to tell us about something, possibly an interest of his.  I may have been thinking I didn't want to get stuck hanging out there too long.  it was about this time when another female, not the mother figure, seemed to draw near and join in the conversation. Whoever this was, it may have reassured me that I wasn't 'alone' with this guy.

Along the way (not sure if from above sequence or not) the guy may have shown me that we were in a city (so wasn't a basement, or we'd moved out of the basement area of this dwelling to one with windows on the outside). I asked where it was, and he told me (I don't recall the specific name now, upon waking). Wasn't a city I'd heard of, but was, from the glance outside, pretty 'metropolitan'.  Enough tall buildings, some skyscrapers, for me to immediately it identify it as a cityscape. But I was surprised, as I'd not been apparently near any city.  Then again, it had been night as I'd been traveling. As far as I remember. I also had a vague impression that I'd been in some area of this country, and this city, whatever it was, again, wasn't something I'd heard of.


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