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( Sep. 18th, 2017 07:01 am)
Was at some place - some kind of business, apparently.  I had some repair issue, and I think I stopped in to inquire about it. (Something similar to this going on in real life.) I spoke to one woman, whose English was good, then was handed off to another, whose English and ability to communicate completely effectively was NOT as good.  The 2nd person tried two times to conclude the interaction correctly, but I realized she'd failed.  She initiated situations, including sending an object (that was NOT mine) out for repair, which made me realize that my repair issue had to been addressed correctly.  Each time, I made it clear that what she'd done was not what I needed, she indicated she could not halt or reverse the process.  At that point, I asked to speak to a manager.  I tried to tell her I wasn't doing this to get her in trouble, because she had, overall, been trying her best to be helpful.  But I needed this resolved; wasn't going to just accept the new situation (incorrect actions initiated, no way to know i I'd get what I needed out of it).  She was not happy, but went off. The initial woman (good English) showed up again (not sure if she was that 'Manager', or if she just dropped by to see how I was getting on).  I proceeded to explain what had happened, that the other woman gad tried, but had set things up incorrectly.  As I did so, the alarm woke me up.


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