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( Apr. 6th, 2017 06:43 am)
Anxiety/Stress dream in the hour before waking: being somewhere away from home, trying to travel somewhere (presumably closer to home); being in an airport (I think), and seeing several tornados (large and small, or maybe near and far) menacing us. Pointed out one especially big one to some guy stood next to me as we looked out the windows, then walked away into the building, having mentioned something to the effect that they might want to come away from the window and hide in the interior, that it might just attack the building.

Once further in, I nevertheless after glancing at my watch, wondered if I might be able to take a cab or something and get to another location (a train station?) which might allow me to get home - if there weren't other tornadoes lurking and it was possible to safely travel, etc.

There was some brief bit where I indeed seemed to have arrived 'home' (maybe) via some vehicle (seemed we were in the field next to my childhood house), and my 'mother' asked me something, and I think I made a point of saying or noting that my dad was not around...and I may have had a pet cat with me or saw it nearby. Maybe.


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