kalibex: (sabbath)
( Mar. 8th, 2017 05:20 am)
Went traveling somewhere with my dad. Was preparing to return.

* * *

Was now gadding about on my own (possible continuance of the earlier dream sequence). I seemed to be in a gift shop. I squeezed by a few girls looking eagerly through a drawer which had what looked like plastic street hockey blades and wandered over to an area where there were a few mineral sets (those little collections of rocks and minerals kids like). They had two versions you could choose from. I glanced at both, recalling how my niece was into these a while back. As I wandered, I felt that vague 'probably oughtn't be travelling' feeling (as it's expensive, and face it, for most, a luxury). I also had that 'my mom likely wouldn't approve' feeling but in the dream recalled that that wasn't an issue anymore. I contemplated the possibility of going on to Scotland.... (not sure if I was in the U.K. or not at that point).


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