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( Mar. 5th, 2017 08:26 am)
Was visiting the home of an LJ friends-lister (though this person is also on FB). Point being, this person has been a friends-lister through several different social media migrations. Anyway, this person lives in Scotland, yet the house his family was in (in Real Lifeā„¢ this person does not live with his parents) had a room layout startlingly similar to my childhood home (which is American federal tradesman, late 18th, early 19th century). I was there to, I think, look at or borrow some book, maybe something technical in some way - from this guy. So I was wandering a bit while he went to get the book, starting to notice the similarities. So when he came back, I started to ask him when his house had been built - I was figuring that it had to be a similar time period, as I could in no other logical way explain such bizarre similarities... (which were quite unique - weird little non-standard architectural features of my childhood house which are not typical of the federal period - if I recall correctly, they're a result of alterations made by my parents long ago after a house fire they had in the late 1950s). My recall faded before I got any answer I can remember.

I find my attempts to use logic during dreams interesting - might be a step towards lucidity.


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