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( Mar. 2nd, 2017 05:47 am)
Seemed to be moving around an urban area (sense of a population being there, but also green / park areas) with a group of people. Had that usual sense of not knowing quite what I was doing, whether I was in the 'right place', etc. Could have been touring. Seemed to get separated from the main group, though may have still had one or two other people with me, but then found my way back to where we'd been before (was the impression I got). For a change, got the sense then that this was where we were all supposed to end up anyway. There were several guys (seemed youngish) lurking there, and I was handed something wooden. Seemed to me it was a (reproduction) gun and so I surmised that this was some sort of historic tour / learning experience, with little demos / lectures at various spots along the way. As I looked at it, and we (apparently) waited for the rest of the group to arrive, one of the fellows seemed to notice my examination of the 'rifle' and indicated that yes, that hole I noticed on the underside of the 'stock' was a hole for something like the little music stands that can be attached to marching band instruments. Which would...indicate that (assuming he wasn't just pulling my leg, which I'm sure never happens in these dreams) this, whatever it was, probably wasn't a weapon...


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