kalibex: (sabbath)
( Feb. 15th, 2017 06:40 am)
Was hanging out with a couple of people - a male and a female. We seemed to be walking around, maybe journeying from point A to B. One of them seemed to have just done a 'zipline ride', the kind where you get hooked securely in so that while you hang on, it's not the only thing keeping you safe while you ride; I was so intrigued, I apparently was going to go next. I was looking forward to it; was going to be So Cool...

* * *

Was seeing what may have been a dramatization of an 'earth disaster' - maybe a description of what could happen. It involved some big earth tremor/quake, (maybe some type of 'subduction' on a granite area but strewn with trees, like evergreens) with some military installation (own a mountain side?) at risk. Got the impression it may have been sott-sponsored information. Or, something they would posit, maybe post about.


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