kalibex: (sabbath)
( Feb. 14th, 2017 06:43 am)
Went to bed quite early; lotta LOTTA dreaming.

It included:

Wandering an (underground?) 'Parking Garage'. Was I just wandering? Looking for cars available to be driven away? Not certain.

Riding a (smaller than normal?) 'Train' through a 'countryside', (or were there elements of an interior?) definitely riding with others. At a few moments, there track seemed to be shaken by an earth tremor; we on the train kind of went, "Uh-oh..." but fortunately nothing worse happened, and nothing was damaged, no track lost. In one 'car', thought several people who felt like workers or engineer types came in.

Was outside, thought it was an area in the yard of the next door neighbor where I grew up. This one's especially unclear; might have been an antagonist involved, but not sure what the issue was.


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