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( Feb. 6th, 2017 10:18 am)
Seemed to spend time with some friends of mine - their whole family: parents, children... and me. We seemed to be travelling, perhaps on tour.  At one point, we travelled through an area that either was, or reminded me of 'Texas'.  We passed through a city which seemed low, not very built up...except for one very tall building with several interconnected towers.  As if the city was trying to better itself, and thought having one impressive (and it was) tower-complex was better than none.  Around on the city periphery, though, it seemed to be older, low buildings, and many bits of railroad, like many little sidings.  Bit of rust going on there.

Somewhere on the outskirts of this (I guess), we stopped for the night, at a bed & breakfast, or perhaps an Airbnb type of home.  The whole family came out to meet us; the tween/teenages sons did not seem happy or impressed to have someone to host.  The parents of this establishment were on the defensive - they'd received a negative review, apparently, and had a chip on their shoulder.  Not sure if they expressed this openly (or verbally), or whether we just...picked up on it. If you know what I mean. But it may have been openly discussed; we were sure to let them know that we knew that the negative review was from some over-picky person - he'd been annoyed or offended or something, for instance, that the family had served 'kielbasa' for one meal.  I may have made a point of showing how petty I found that, and that I didn't have a problem with kielbasa.  The hosting family seemed to be reassured somewhat by this.


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