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( Feb. 5th, 2017 08:40 am)
Very Weird melange, but also was also pretty hypoglycemic last night.

Was with my 'eldest brother', 'outside'. Could see vegetation, yet was sat before some surface or table.  I was possibly trying to watch something on a 'tv' (or I might be confusing this 'scene' with a later one where we'd moved 'inside').  But I also would glance up and, along between some of the vegetation (ie, the treeline) , see a wire and weird little complicated vehicles occasionally run along that wire, then disappear.  They reminded me of complicated bikes ridden by circus performers on a high wire (except no one was on them). I would occasionally glance away from (or move briefly away from?) the surface before me, and when I looked back, there'd be two little hexagonal crackers there, laid at an angle, not side by side.  Might have been attached that way, or deliberately laid thus. I would eat them, and then annother pair would appear.  I did this for some time, then looked up at my 'brother' and identified him as the one doing this.  He paused, then sussed up and held up the little package he'd been taking them out of. Could have beeen a little game (him sneaking them in, me pretending I didn't know this), or even a cognitive test ('Did you notice that?').

A bit later, seemed to be in an interior; whatever had been on the little 'tv' was over (and it really was a little tv; looked more like a simple, little portable monitor, like an early 1940s or 50s one) - my other (another?) 'brother' to my right, had appeared, inquiring as to what we'd been watching.

*   *   *

Found myself on a schoolbus, with a lot of younger, grade school aged children. I had trouble gathering my stuff (papers, etc?) while getting off, and got worried I'd left stuff behind.  The bus driver exited the bus to ask what my concern was/help me, but I was able to tell her I went back, looked through the window, and reassured myself I'd brought all my own stuff off the bus.

Sadly, there seemed to be an imminent Memorial Service the children were going to. (Not me? Then again, I wasn't a grade school aged child - or was I, in this context? Or maybe I didn't know the deceased, so perhaps it made no sense to attend).

*   *   *

Was in some urban area; wanted to go see David Paulides (Missing 411 author) give a talk.  You needed a ticket, and I was in line behind someone who was (IMO) taking too long.  My frustration reached a crescendo as this person somehow knocked some stuff off the counter she was at.  I snarled or cursed (a bit, hopefully to myself) and quickly bent down to retrieve the stuff.  (This scene directly echoes one from yesterday while out shopping - someone was stood at the counter, spending long minutes looking through phone coupons, as if in a daze, and UTTERLY non-considerate of us waiting behind her. She had no conception (or caring) that people might be behind her. I was appalled by her behavior, but finally left to go to another register.) Here, in the dream, I was really upset that I might miss that presentation.

After all my dream angst, turned out the official presentation was 'cancelled'; no ticket necessary.  A small talk was being held 'downstairs', but realizing it was no longer the real talk I'd been expecting, I realized I now had no wish or need to attend.


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