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( Jan. 27th, 2017 06:49 am)
Suburban travels.  Wandered also an interior, which seemed to be a small building cimple wherein a husband and wife were conducting a tag sale. There seemed to be stuff for sale, some of it apparently never opened.  Possibly this was more of an antique/thrift store. I remember seeing some stuff atop a cabinet, of looking throiugh it, then someone else doing the same. Those seemed to be toys and/or crafting kits. At one point, the fellow indicated to me that there was some threshhold effect involved in the sale -perhaps people had to buy some minimum (but the impression I got was that multiple people who didntnecessarily know each other could trigger the same effect. Don't know if it was a discount, or if one had to trigger that effectjust to be able to purchase...

*  *   *

Later, or a diff. dream, I was riding somewhere on a bus.  We hadn't been moving long (as if the route had just started), when one woman carrying a bag or two wnted to get off.  I saw her start to walk a bit, as if she were heading for somewhere not too far awy that the bus didn't go by (but at least it had brought her part ofthe way) then turn back to retrace her steps back down the way we'd come (seemed a bit of a suburban area), and decided she'd underdressed for the weather (she seemed in shorts, etc) and had to return home to change into something more appropriate.

*    *    *

At another point in the bus journey, we seemed to go from a place that either was, or reminded me of my current workplace (though it was not actually the same place). As if we had left from a back parking area or loading area, and were going up an access drive away, but now in an urban or suburban area.


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