Well...short of a weather miracle that prevents the T-storms due here at 5pm from rolling in, looks like my Vibes '09 experience is over...and my chance of seeing CSN pretty nil.

But that risks comes across as too negative - was fun. If tiring. I dropped by the festival Fri, Sat & Sun for at least a couple of hours each day. Heard some music, ate some falafel, bought a couple of things, and now I leave, noting, with my customary cynicism, that Woodstock it weren't - unlike the original music festivals...they had a VIP area.

During the weekend, heard some George Clinton and the P-Funk, locals Deep Banana Blackout, & John Brown's Body.

ETA: Looks like the forecast pushes back the storms until after 8 pm - enough time for CSN to be able to go on. Looks like I'll be heading back there right after supper.


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