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( Sep. 7th, 2017 07:20 am)
Some interior wanderings; I seemed to be part of some family group (mother, father, kids) going through some museum or exhibit.  It was a bit dark, and there may have been a 'spooky' element to the exhibit (was it an insane asylum recreation?  Or some such?).  Some of us kids got separated from the rest, wandered a bit, and seemed to have a meal at one end of a long table.  Later, the rest of the 'family' found us again, about to have their meal, and we mischievously hid the fact that we'd already eaten, and with me winking unseen by the rest at 'dad' (not my real-life dad), we prepared to have another...
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( Jun. 25th, 2017 10:19 am)
Wandered/travelled in an urban setting, then stopped by a museum.  At least, it seemed like a museum in that there were various areas that one wandered through (that labyrinthine feel that many museum have), with interesting things to see. Within, I picked up this piece of cardstock or some other stuff material which seemed to have some shapes on it, that might be possible to push out, to take off the sheet.  Almost like a craft supply. After wandering around a bit, though, I put it back or left it behind, as if I'd decided I didn't really need it (or that it wasn't mine, and I shouldn't have messed with it to begin with).  While being in this place, there was the usual foggy-mindedness / confusion, that 'Where am I? Why am I here? Ought I to be here at all? feeling. (Taking a moment to ponder: is this what, cognitively, it felt like to be a very young child, for example...being taken on an Outing to an unfamiliar place - but we've all Forgotten?) I recall vaguely coming across or occasionally interacted with people briefly while there; just so unclear.  For all I know, my attention could have been directed to the item, but then I might have misinterpreted (and then it a bit later communicated to me that no, it wasn't available to take home)...like when a toddler child gets interested in something, them the parents gently distract the kid and get him/her to change mental gears and leave the object behind, hopefully without the kid having an emotional meltdown.  This recall  / interpretation reminds me of how in our culture, the legal definition of adulthood is a certain age (by which the majority of people have attained a certain level of cognitive function)...but that lacking that, a person can at times never ever achieve the legal definition of 'adulthood', and remain forever, legally, a 'child', unable to live independently or make decisions as an adult.

So the question becomes...'where' or 'when' am I in these dreamscapes...that I appear, when I look back... to be functioning as the technical equivalent of a 'child'...?

*   *  *

Felt I was at the home I grew up in, that my dad and eldest brother were there.  I paused in the room that used to be my parents' bedroom; it seemed to have my eldest brother in residence.  I could hear or sense them chatting in the kitchen downstairs; I noted (with disapproval) that a red lamp, something hung up (in a jury-rigged way; it could be used as a table lamp, but there was a hole drilled this handle it had coming off one side, so that it could be screwed up to the wall if desired) to one side of the bed, had been left on in the daytime, and so, shut it off preparatory to going back downstairs. (This lamp IRL has been used in other rooms; don't recall it ever being used in a bedroom, but hey; who knows?)


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