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( Oct. 26th, 2008 09:09 pm)
Made Mexican food at home for supper tonight...I was of course merely copying stuff I've had at the places I've eaten at here in Bridgeport. But still, a bit more authentic than the deep-fried-cheese-and-sugary-salsa-heavy Taco Bell style stuff most of us are used to.

Had a soft taco: Wrapped in a double-layer of soft white corn tacos was a little heap of warmed carnitas (pre-cooked braised pork, from Trader Joe's!) and sauteed onions. Tender shredded pork - that was it. No cheese, no salsa. (Sadly, I forgot the lime wedge for sprinkling juice on it).

I cooked rice for serving on the side (brown, not white - on my own insistence). I mixed in a handful of cooked peas and carrot pieces, for color. Not quite so authentic, but having the vegetables in there for color was, a bit.

Refried beans on the side also (bought, not made, but vegetarian, so less fat).

Red radish slices on the side.


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