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( Apr. 6th, 2011 11:15 am)
Odd the sentimental, nostalgic hold my junior high fashion memories can have on me... Anyway, at the height of the early 80s preppy fad, I remember how chinos were suddenly available in a veritable rainbow of colors, alongside the usual more neutral classics (like camel, navy, khaki, black). I'm talking bright red, royal, kelly green, and more...

The Gap has one style of chinos right now that come in coral and a light yellow... currently fighting off a sudden craving to get colored chinos.

That's Nostalgia for ya!

Next I'll want a plaid shirt with a white peter-pan collar with embroidery on it....with a ribbon bow tied around the collar...and a plaid headband...and a belt with whales on it...and a pair of boat shoes...and a pair of Sporto duck shoes (available again after many years)...and...


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