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( May. 15th, 2017 05:35 am)
Seemed to be spying on some army (ours?) during night time while they were doing 'war games'.  There was the sense that if you look like you know what you're doing, especially during 'chaos', few to none will notice or challenge you.  I was semi 'dug-in', and lay there and watched flashes of light and explosions from a safe distance, and a couple of times people passed by behind me, but again, no challenge or alarm.  Eventually, I got up and went walking away. Wandered into an area with more objects (maybe structures) and people.  The camp, perhaps?

*    *    *

Wandering in an urban area (may or may not have been an extension of the prior scenario). Was going through a building where I felt I may have been there before; things, the layout, what doors were open and what spaces being used were slightly different from last time (hence my deja vu). Someone seemed to have just vacated a really small retail/office space with no bathroom, etc., in the unit (there may have been a common one in the complex). I thought something to the effect that despite the small size, there'd soon be someone who would want to use that space again.


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