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( Jun. 13th, 2017 06:32 am)
Classic wandering dream, both urban setting & countryside. At one point, while traveling in the countryside, got upset; had had a dog following me, but it seemed to disappear.  A woman suddenly was around (not sure if she had been with me consistently), and I grumped about the sudden lack of dog.  She showed me somehow how to call it back (or, possibly, re-create it). Not sure it looked exactly as it had before. Mostly empty shelters might have been involved, possibly where travelers could stay.  Might have had a companion who wasn't always there every moment, or who departed halfway though.

Spent some time in either a 'lab' building or a 'school'.  (Or both?) At one point, children passed quickly though, but acting merrily, as if trick-or-treating.  At another point, I definitely felt I was in a school - saw some of the students moving down the hallways via crawling along on the ground, and, instantly amused, decided they were 'freshmen' doing silly rush type activities and proclaimed 'aloud' (whereupon several other students nearby seemed to join in, in agreement) that I was so glad not to be a freshman anymore. 

In or near a building; stopped by what I took to be a shop to borrow a spoon or mixer utensil; someone or someones seemed to agree but remind me to bring it back; I did so after using it.

Outside again, was road-trippping.  I came across two people, maybe a man and woman pair, also sharing the road.  A couple of cars might have been around, too. Not sure what vehicle I was in (if any), but felt 'bicycle-like', in that I passed the two people, then signaled that I was moving to the right using my right hand; felt all very proper. 

Along the way got distracted; stopped briefly as I saw people almost arranged stood up like a pyramid (but not 3-dimenional, just vertically, similar to cheerleaders or water skiers), fishing.  One big group and a smaller group behind it.  I wanted to take a picture, but as we seemed to been an inclined roof surface, was hesitating to do so as was worried about possibly falling.  Woke up soon after.
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( Jun. 9th, 2017 07:26 am)
 Wandering about in some urban area. Not a lot of details, but enough vague impressions popped up after I awoke to know I definitely dreamed.
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( Jun. 6th, 2017 06:59 am)
 Was in some interior; some woman was there.  I had to go do something somewhere else, but apparently, I would return to that area, later.
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( May. 16th, 2017 12:21 pm)
Think I ended up kissing a fellow - not entirely sure of the context - might have been a 'party'. But had an impulse to return to discuss it briefly with this him - as a sort of 'debriefing' almost, seemed to me.  Might have been a form of 'Don't take this more seriously than you ought' type of impulse....
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( May. 15th, 2017 05:35 am)
Seemed to be spying on some army (ours?) during night time while they were doing 'war games'.  There was the sense that if you look like you know what you're doing, especially during 'chaos', few to none will notice or challenge you.  I was semi 'dug-in', and lay there and watched flashes of light and explosions from a safe distance, and a couple of times people passed by behind me, but again, no challenge or alarm.  Eventually, I got up and went walking away. Wandered into an area with more objects (maybe structures) and people.  The camp, perhaps?

*    *    *

Wandering in an urban area (may or may not have been an extension of the prior scenario). Was going through a building where I felt I may have been there before; things, the layout, what doors were open and what spaces being used were slightly different from last time (hence my deja vu). Someone seemed to have just vacated a really small retail/office space with no bathroom, etc., in the unit (there may have been a common one in the complex). I thought something to the effect that despite the small size, there'd soon be someone who would want to use that space again.
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( May. 14th, 2017 04:18 am)
I went to the house I grew up in (that I visited part of this past weekend to see my dad) and found a young woman was in the process of intensely cleaning the kitchen area and was even making some changes (in where things were, how furniture was, where things were going to be stored). I was, to be honest, a tad 'envious', I guess would be the word, as part of me had wanted to be the one to do this task.  (Or could have been at least minor guilt or shame, as I maybe thought I ought to have done it.) I also found her smoking (i.e., a cigarette was going in an ashtray)  as she cleaned, and so warned her that the person who lived there had quit smoking years ago, and it would not be fair to expose him to temptation again by doing that.  She apologized for that, though in a Ionlydothat[smoke]veryoccsionally sort of way, kind of downplaying her action.

A bit later, I came back yet again, and saw her leaving, walking away somewhere, and verbally thanked her.  There was even a new entryway to the kitchen (I was, in Real Life™ only yesterday grumbling to myself about the choices my parents had made while adding an additional part of that main entryway after I'd moved out after High School). All in all, I had to admit though, that she'd done an Amazing job (though art of it was seeing it totally clean for a change, without all the objects and clutter in it).

*    *    *

I gort a call from someone at the place where I work; she seemed to be (or reminded me of?) a (moderately deferent) Indian student worker there from this past semester. She seemed to convey that there was something out of the ordinary going on at work (was she on a work shift???) or at the school.  I think because of this call, I went in to the school. But instead of seeing her in the library, I saw her in a classroom.  For some reason I stopped by there, and saw her going to (apparently) the 1st meeting of a new class. May have been an evening/ nighttime class. Saw the (black, female) professor telling the students a bit about herself, etc. The professor seemed like a cool lady. I may have shaken her hand or otherwise indicated it was nice to have met her.  Then, i guess, I left again. (??) Again, the general feeling that something 'out of the ordinary' was going on there in general, though am left unclear as to what that quality was.
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( May. 10th, 2017 06:03 am)
Was traveling with other people by bus; however, at some point or points we were outside, waiting to be picked up again, but the buses seemed to keep passing us by, and it was quite upsetting (to everyone, I think, and certainly to me).  At one point, some guy in a huge municipal vehicle of some type stoped briefly to talk to us, and a few of us vented to him over it.  Eventually, we were on another bus, but, I think, not going where we'd originally wanted or needed to go (i.e., maybe the wrong 'route').  Annoyed, I asked to get off at an interim point, as I knew I could eventually get to where I needed to get to from there (although it was more inconvenient than having been allowed to board the correct bus/route).
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( May. 5th, 2017 05:27 am)
 Was in an urban area, wandering about, with that POV /  should-I-even-be-here? confusion.  I saw that the Authorities had a female prisoner, someone who had, perhaps, been involved in or leading a rebellion. They declared publicly and falsely, that their prisoner had died. She was actually tied to a post, just out of site of the public, looking beaten and bused, with huge, pendulous breasts hanging down.  They'd lied so that they could continue to degrade her at their leisure with the public (they assumed) no wiser.

But I observed one man, just an ordinary looking man, who'd apparently stopped by to see the spectacle, walk away from the area, as if back to work.  But actually, he stopped to chat with a woman in a square nearby, and surreptitiously passed on the real news. They were talking...planning some kind of uprising.

I wandered away from their conversation briefly, then tried to make my way back to them again, but got confused and wandered in to a cozy, large family restaurant.  Thinking that I oughtn't to be there, I tried to find my way through and back outside, but in there, too, the restaurant staff were, rather than getting annoyed that I'd stumbled in there, intimating, subtly, that an uprising was in the works.

I returned to the square, but the man had finally left, back to work, perhaps to keep up the pretense that he was just an ordinary functionary. But the word had been passed on, and the ordinary folk now knew that the woman - and, presumably the desire for freedom and an uprising (if that was what it took) - was still very much alive.
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( Apr. 30th, 2017 09:57 am)
 Not great recall, but I recall a certain FB friends lister (C.C.) being around. Probably conversation.
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( Apr. 26th, 2017 06:54 am)
 Not a lot of detail left now, but some (low-key but anxious) adventure happening while moving around outside, where I really had the feeling that something similar to the scenario from 'Invasion of the the Body Snatchers' was happening - people were 'coming down with something', and it was just a matter of time before it got me, too.  Whatever it was, getting it seemed (to me) to be tantamount to dying. However, by the time I awoke, the 'worst' hadn't quite happened to me, yet.  Not sure if that means I was misinterpreting the situation or how severe it was, or what....
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( Apr. 16th, 2017 07:18 pm)
 Yay, Hypoglycemia dreams!  Dreamed I was outside, and two co-workers (well, at least one of them was absolutely a recognized current co-worker) showed me the secret, at long last, of how to move easily (and even run, well, shuffle more quickly) in high heels!  (I finally learned the secret from some of my fellow sisters!) After this, they dove into the taller grass down a slight slope, and were mucking about in there...not sure what they were doing...)
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( Apr. 15th, 2017 06:51 am)
 Bit of travel-dreaming, I think, but not good recall of most of it.  But there was a 'scene' - involving one of those 'Am I in it, or just watching it?' POV confusions, where I was seeing two college aged kids.  Both seemed to be Harvard kids, but Harvard kids from Casting Central, as it were. My recall is fragmented, so it felt like a jump-cut. They were disembarking a boat (though not, I think, a scull) but I think at a dock of a boathouse for sculls. I think the young woman (blond) was lifted a bit up and deposited onto the dock. She seemed self-satisfied...or maybe just content at the moment.  Her boyfriend (not sure if also blond or not but if so would have fit that sense of 'stereotypical WASP student') glanced around and noted, possibly just to himself, "Time slip" or possibly "Time line jump."  As if he were sensitive to that sort of change, and had just noticed their shift.  A bit deal was not being made; just a 'hmmm...' noting it in passing kind of moment.
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( Apr. 12th, 2017 02:59 pm)
Was spending time with three people: my 'eldest brother', some female companion of his whom I was not familiar with, and some other guy who just kind of stared at me from where he was sitting in the front seat of a car, and didn't say anything. Initially, I was in an area of the place I grew up in, a barn/shed area not far from the house, and was kind of sprawled on the floor there on my stomach, kind of hanging out, perhaps reading something or just thinking. And what I was thinking was that I felt like leaving my brother and his companions behind - just striking out on my own.

In fact...I'm wondering if I was questioning that they were people I wanted to be stuck with. Almost as if I wondered or knew on some level they weren't whom they seemed to be, and had an instinct to get the hell away from them. *meaningful sidelong look*

Anyway, before I could act upon my sudden idea, they came out from the house - they were going to go drive somewhere, some errand, possibly without me. (Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?) I do know that I was hoping they didn't know what was on my mind, and acted as normally as I could, towards that end. The woman said they'd need something from me (vague impression that they were going to the town CVS, and needed my CVS key tag for them to scan at the store). Or something like that. This is the point where the other guy, whom I did not feel I knew, stared wordlessly at me.  I think I agreed to go get the keys/tag for them, wanting to be helpful and not be suspected.

Recall faded or, woke up at that point. Don't recall if anything else happened, if they left me alone, and if I snuck off once they did.
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( Apr. 10th, 2017 06:39 am)
Wandering about, getting lost (may have been a 'Uni' setting), trying to find people and get through to helpful people (such as one woman from work) on the phone (which suddenly wasn't working correctly), as I hoped for a ride somewhere (to work, perhaps?).... Your average Stress/Frustration dream.
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( Apr. 7th, 2017 03:08 am)
Was in an urban setting, hanging out and visiting with this guy, who was a young, asian medical school student. *suspicious sidelong glance* Impression that I'd been visiting him more than once. This time he quite suddenly expressed to me that we should get married, as if of course it were the only reasonable thing to do! I was like, Oh, Shit....the dude's nice, but he's way younger than me, and if he's offering this to me, is probably just looking for someone to take care of him. I remember thinking that he wasn't a bad dude, that I overall liked him, and should let him down easy, but would now have to stay the hell away from him, due to this. At the same time it was a nice compliment, medical professionals make overall a good living, and part of me knew it would be so, so Easy to accept and fall into that nurturing role...

Shortly after, a young asian woman showed up, to my immense relief (almost, I dare say, as if she became aware of my Distress). She expressed something like the equivalent of, Yeah, I know..he did this to me, too. So it was as if she were his 'ex', and had popped in upon realizing what had happened. Again, as if she also still had fondness for the guy, but wanted to run interference for me, since he had a tendency to do this inappropriately to the ladies he knew and she wanted to help mitigate the situation.

* * *

My dad had been traveling and was heading back home; I might have been with him part of the way (or might not), but had gone ahead, arrived back at the house (childhood home) before him, and had left a bit of a mess around, for example some stuff on his bed, etc. I was hurrying to clean it up as his arrival was now imminent and that was the polite thing to do.

* * *

Talking to a male co-worker about a kvetchy female co-worker who'd been complaining about something. I'd come up with what I thought was a clever idea, a Fun way for her to practice a skill; it involved shooting squirt guns of colored water at the snow outside. (There was a sense of This will train her on that skill that her compaints are related to without it being so Obvious she's being Re-trained.) This male co-worker, who in RealLife™ is just a supervisor of student workers, not regular co-workers, agreed to my idea. As I went to leave, said female co-worker was RIGHT outside the door; she'd been lurking and probably eavesdropping. I tried to recall if she might have heard me doing the verbal equivalent of rolling my eyes at her shenanigans. If she had, it was kind of too late now. I shrugged internally and decided to just go ahead with my training scheme anyway as if nothing awkward had happened.

* * *

Woke in a college-style dorm room that was not my own.  IE, woke in a strange college dorm room. There was a dorm-like place that I ought to be in; this wasn't it. Not the messiest place, not the neatest place.  Took me a bit to realize what had happened; wasn't until I was in the hallway that I noticed it was different than where I felt I should be; I was in a different building, apparently. Different people wandering about, different other rooms. Went back in the room, very probably still Really Confused; someone half seen in a nest of mattresses/sheets/etc on the floor on other side of the room stirred and probably glanced at me.  I went out again, mildly disturbed by that fact that Someone Else Was There, and I think, started off to leave to go to the 'right' dorm. As I did so, passed a young woman who I think expressed some mild amusement/scorn; I kind of mentally shrugged at this, and with a modicum of (at long last?) humour, expressed back at her something rueful but semi-amused like 'You gotta do what you gotta do', meaning that she seemed to be one of those who always scorned me so this was just her ususal habit.  As if I'd gotten used to it and it didn't hit me so hard anymore. An acknowledgement of 'that's your way'.
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( Apr. 6th, 2017 06:43 am)
Anxiety/Stress dream in the hour before waking: being somewhere away from home, trying to travel somewhere (presumably closer to home); being in an airport (I think), and seeing several tornados (large and small, or maybe near and far) menacing us. Pointed out one especially big one to some guy stood next to me as we looked out the windows, then walked away into the building, having mentioned something to the effect that they might want to come away from the window and hide in the interior, that it might just attack the building.

Once further in, I nevertheless after glancing at my watch, wondered if I might be able to take a cab or something and get to another location (a train station?) which might allow me to get home - if there weren't other tornadoes lurking and it was possible to safely travel, etc.

There was some brief bit where I indeed seemed to have arrived 'home' (maybe) via some vehicle (seemed we were in the field next to my childhood house), and my 'mother' asked me something, and I think I made a point of saying or noting that my dad was not around...and I may have had a pet cat with me or saw it nearby. Maybe.
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( Mar. 30th, 2017 06:28 am)
Woke at 5am briefly; rolled over for another hour's doze. My brain, Annoyed, had the following dream: Was caught up in an Annoying sequence where I woke in the bedroom of my childhood home and found I'd slept the day away; they'd been having some sort of event or history day at the Tavern; there'd been people in costume and music, and I'd missed it all; the sun was just above the horizon and it was around 4 pm when I woke. Had a mini wobbly about that. Upon waking up for real, realized that my dad would not have just let me sleep all dayn in such a circumstance. For what this is worth.
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( Mar. 29th, 2017 05:40 am)
Was wandering an interior, a 'school'. Seemed to be a very long building; I wanted to go up to an area I'd been at before. As I started off, I seemed to get a 'come back' message from my 'parents' (a vague sense that they were 'strict', or, that I tended to listen to them - maybe they were Fierce), and I skirted the 'rules' by saying to myself I'd of course come back, but not until after I'd completed my errand. I found myself up further (though not that much) than I'd been before, and so prepared to loop back to the actual area I'd intended to be, when the alarm woke me.
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( Mar. 27th, 2017 06:47 am)
Random Weird sh*t in that last hour before waking for the day. Road tripping, talking about (with an area friend) then seeing some of Marvel's New Mutants (at a summer camp, apparently), stopping at a park and trying to carry fire-starting materials in a paper bag, including possibly still warm charcoal (?!))...
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( Mar. 26th, 2017 08:45 am)
Some interesting imagery from last night/early this morning. Was at my childhood home; my mom seemed to still be there. The Neighbors across the street were painting their house - and we were all astonished and amazed to observe that they were....painting it with...Invisible Paint. That is, the house, as the paint was applied by the workmen, started to mirror what was outside of it, thus creating somewhat the illusion of invisibility. At one point we started to see the reflection on the side of the neighbor's wall, of a piece of art, an oil painting (vase of flowers), that was inside my parent's bedroom.

* * *

Accompanied my dad and a friend (from childhood) of his in a car, along with one cat (my current?) as they went driving. My dad seemed to be in a weird mood, grumbling about the current breakdown of society. We stopped briefly near some houses and my dad asked me to see if another friend (whom he hasn't talked to in many years; not sure he's even still alive) was available. He wasn't clear as to what exact house he was in, but asked me to go ask him in person. I chose to instead call the man on the phone; I finally got a very sleepy answer; he declined to come out as he was trying to sleep. I returned to the car to inform them of this, and another cat (reminded me of one of my past cats?) was outside so we let her get in, too. I ws then trying to wrangle them to get and stay in the car, before we departed...


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