Classic wandering dream, both urban setting & countryside. At one point, while traveling in the countryside, got upset; had had a dog following me, but it seemed to disappear.  A woman suddenly was around (not sure if she had been with me consistently), and I grumped about the sudden lack of dog.  She showed me somehow how to call it back (or, possibly, re-create it). Not sure it looked exactly as it had before. Mostly empty shelters might have been involved, possibly where travelers could stay.  Might have had a companion who wasn't always there every moment, or who departed halfway though.

Spent some time in either a 'lab' building or a 'school'.  (Or both?) At one point, children passed quickly though, but acting merrily, as if trick-or-treating.  At another point, I definitely felt I was in a school - saw some of the students moving down the hallways via crawling along on the ground, and, instantly amused, decided they were 'freshmen' doing silly rush type activities and proclaimed 'aloud' (whereupon several other students nearby seemed to join in, in agreement) that I was so glad not to be a freshman anymore. 

In or near a building; stopped by what I took to be a shop to borrow a spoon or mixer utensil; someone or someones seemed to agree but remind me to bring it back; I did so after using it.

Outside again, was road-trippping.  I came across two people, maybe a man and woman pair, also sharing the road.  A couple of cars might have been around, too. Not sure what vehicle I was in (if any), but felt 'bicycle-like', in that I passed the two people, then signaled that I was moving to the right using my right hand; felt all very proper. 

Along the way got distracted; stopped briefly as I saw people almost arranged stood up like a pyramid (but not 3-dimenional, just vertically, similar to cheerleaders or water skiers), fishing.  One big group and a smaller group behind it.  I wanted to take a picture, but as we seemed to been an inclined roof surface, was hesitating to do so as was worried about possibly falling.  Woke up soon after.
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