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( Jun. 21st, 2017 06:23 am)
Vehicle / Interior Complex wanderings.

In passing, saw my mom and dad, sitting, spending quiet time together. (That may be all they wanted - to just be next to each other - where nothing more needed to be said or done.)  

*  *  *

Had a bus ride where the driver at one point got out, and the bus went on a bit without him, though it came calmly to a stop (in a field).  I (and it seemed to me, others on the bus) sat there bemused for a bit.  I had baggage (like a rucksack), but this specific spot wasn't my destination. I looked at a couple of other passengers (guys) with that "Really?! The dude just let it go on without him driving it?" look and they seemed to commiserate back at me in agreement, that sense of "I know, right??" (not necessarily verbally.) A couple of young women got off, and I saw them stood at the side in the field, as if gathering themselves before setting off, and I thought to myself with a mite of indignation, "I don't blame them."  Presently the driver returned, not at all embarrassed by his actions.  The bus might have been about to continue on at that point; not sure whether I stayed on or got off also.

*  *  *

I approached a female in an interior, which felt school-like.  The woman felt as if she were a professor's GA or TA, and I seemed to be offering to take an examination - though it's not clear I'd taken the course.  I might have volunteered to take the exam (which may possibly have been a bit more like a research study process) just to see if I happened by pure chance to know enough to 'pass'.  I expressed that to her and she agreed to it.  The exam process involved some prompting from her, but part of it let the person taking it involve materials that the others in the class had probably brought with them. So I had to hurry back to my room and fetch a print of a tiger (and possibly other things as well).  Off I hurried, heading to an elevator into which two young women were also getting.  Just before that, noticed two males who seemed to have bruises on their faces (?) stood off to the side.  Got off a floor (and a half?) above my correct floor as I got distracted and got off when the two young women did.  But I knew I could just walk over to where two separate buildings connected and go down a few steps, which I did.

Alarm woke me before I got to my destination.


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