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( May. 14th, 2017 04:18 am)
I went to the house I grew up in (that I visited part of this past weekend to see my dad) and found a young woman was in the process of intensely cleaning the kitchen area and was even making some changes (in where things were, how furniture was, where things were going to be stored). I was, to be honest, a tad 'envious', I guess would be the word, as part of me had wanted to be the one to do this task.  (Or could have been at least minor guilt or shame, as I maybe thought I ought to have done it.) I also found her smoking (i.e., a cigarette was going in an ashtray)  as she cleaned, and so warned her that the person who lived there had quit smoking years ago, and it would not be fair to expose him to temptation again by doing that.  She apologized for that, though in a Ionlydothat[smoke]veryoccsionally sort of way, kind of downplaying her action.

A bit later, I came back yet again, and saw her leaving, walking away somewhere, and verbally thanked her.  There was even a new entryway to the kitchen (I was, in Real Life™ only yesterday grumbling to myself about the choices my parents had made while adding an additional part of that main entryway after I'd moved out after High School). All in all, I had to admit though, that she'd done an Amazing job (though art of it was seeing it totally clean for a change, without all the objects and clutter in it).

*    *    *

I gort a call from someone at the place where I work; she seemed to be (or reminded me of?) a (moderately deferent) Indian student worker there from this past semester. She seemed to convey that there was something out of the ordinary going on at work (was she on a work shift???) or at the school.  I think because of this call, I went in to the school. But instead of seeing her in the library, I saw her in a classroom.  For some reason I stopped by there, and saw her going to (apparently) the 1st meeting of a new class. May have been an evening/ nighttime class. Saw the (black, female) professor telling the students a bit about herself, etc. The professor seemed like a cool lady. I may have shaken her hand or otherwise indicated it was nice to have met her.  Then, i guess, I left again. (??) Again, the general feeling that something 'out of the ordinary' was going on there in general, though am left unclear as to what that quality was.


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