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( Apr. 7th, 2017 03:08 am)
Was in an urban setting, hanging out and visiting with this guy, who was a young, asian medical school student. *suspicious sidelong glance* Impression that I'd been visiting him more than once. This time he quite suddenly expressed to me that we should get married, as if of course it were the only reasonable thing to do! I was like, Oh, Shit....the dude's nice, but he's way younger than me, and if he's offering this to me, is probably just looking for someone to take care of him. I remember thinking that he wasn't a bad dude, that I overall liked him, and should let him down easy, but would now have to stay the hell away from him, due to this. At the same time it was a nice compliment, medical professionals make overall a good living, and part of me knew it would be so, so Easy to accept and fall into that nurturing role...

Shortly after, a young asian woman showed up, to my immense relief (almost, I dare say, as if she became aware of my Distress). She expressed something like the equivalent of, Yeah, I know..he did this to me, too. So it was as if she were his 'ex', and had popped in upon realizing what had happened. Again, as if she also still had fondness for the guy, but wanted to run interference for me, since he had a tendency to do this inappropriately to the ladies he knew and she wanted to help mitigate the situation.

* * *

My dad had been traveling and was heading back home; I might have been with him part of the way (or might not), but had gone ahead, arrived back at the house (childhood home) before him, and had left a bit of a mess around, for example some stuff on his bed, etc. I was hurrying to clean it up as his arrival was now imminent and that was the polite thing to do.

* * *

Talking to a male co-worker about a kvetchy female co-worker who'd been complaining about something. I'd come up with what I thought was a clever idea, a Fun way for her to practice a skill; it involved shooting squirt guns of colored water at the snow outside. (There was a sense of This will train her on that skill that her compaints are related to without it being so Obvious she's being Re-trained.) This male co-worker, who in RealLife™ is just a supervisor of student workers, not regular co-workers, agreed to my idea. As I went to leave, said female co-worker was RIGHT outside the door; she'd been lurking and probably eavesdropping. I tried to recall if she might have heard me doing the verbal equivalent of rolling my eyes at her shenanigans. If she had, it was kind of too late now. I shrugged internally and decided to just go ahead with my training scheme anyway as if nothing awkward had happened.

* * *

Woke in a college-style dorm room that was not my own.  IE, woke in a strange college dorm room. There was a dorm-like place that I ought to be in; this wasn't it. Not the messiest place, not the neatest place.  Took me a bit to realize what had happened; wasn't until I was in the hallway that I noticed it was different than where I felt I should be; I was in a different building, apparently. Different people wandering about, different other rooms. Went back in the room, very probably still Really Confused; someone half seen in a nest of mattresses/sheets/etc on the floor on other side of the room stirred and probably glanced at me.  I went out again, mildly disturbed by that fact that Someone Else Was There, and I think, started off to leave to go to the 'right' dorm. As I did so, passed a young woman who I think expressed some mild amusement/scorn; I kind of mentally shrugged at this, and with a modicum of (at long last?) humour, expressed back at her something rueful but semi-amused like 'You gotta do what you gotta do', meaning that she seemed to be one of those who always scorned me so this was just her ususal habit.  As if I'd gotten used to it and it didn't hit me so hard anymore. An acknowledgement of 'that's your way'.


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