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( Mar. 10th, 2017 05:52 am)
Two sequences I recall.

In one, I was in a ranshackle house (though more of a rambling older house with lots of furniture, knick-knacks, etc.), as if I'd rented an already furnished house. I was wandering around a bit (might have had a pet, a cat, with me), when suddenly other people arrived - a woman, who, it seemed, was my housemate, but one I'd forgotten the name of, as it had been so long since she'd been there. During this I developed a vague sense of 'deja-vu' about the whole thing, and not wanting to admit I'd forgotten her name (I mean, who does that??! Well...me, in 'dreams'), figured I'd keep an eye out for a piece of snailmail addressed to her and recover her name that way. She'd brought several friends of hers to visit.

* * *

Some strange challenge/contest sequence, vague recall. But one of those where 'no one ever beats the antagonist' became the classic, 'Well, this new hero type did, against all expectations!' Much rejoicing in the streets, etc. But then a 'rerun' perhaps of the narrative seemed to have someone (POV confusion between whether I was watching or 'playing' the character) like Doctor Who's Captain Jack character 'win' this time, and the demon/devil character, whose service went to the contest's winner, came resignedly (due to losing 2 x in a row?) out from where he'd been hiding or lurking, to go present himself for duty. I/Captain Jack pretty much jumped up and down happily, and thought to myself, "He can be my bill collector..." (Apparently the character/the character I overlaid had a business or something...) The demon went over to grab and put on a silly, long curly wig, but I think I/Captain Jack were going to stop it and tell it it didn't need to wear that...


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