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( Mar. 7th, 2017 05:34 am)
Was on some sort of journey/adventure with a bunch of people. We stopped briefly at some place where the people there were (we felt), attempting to manipulate us. We finally thought up an excuse to leave, and despite them acting all lovely-covey and indicating they expected us to stop by there on our way back (one woman tried to kiss me, on my face, etc., as we were leaving, bleagh), we knew we would not be, as we were escaping them, and couldn't wait to get away.

A bit of the way into the journey after we left, I seemed to see a wheeled vehicle abut to attack/shoot one of our group's members (I think we had our own vehicles)... Not sure if it had been sent by the group/enclave we'd just escaped, or just by the antagonists in general (of which the escaped enclave was one faction).


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