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( Feb. 22nd, 2017 06:18 am)
Had a wander through some interior complex; I seemed to see at least one person being suspicious (as I saw it), that this guy left a suspicious package with someone (like a coatroom attendant or package holder) that I thought was an explosive. For some reason, I didn't just walk up and say, "Hey, look out, bomb!" or some such; I kind of obliquely hinted at it or something. Weird. Maybe I wasn't 100% I was correct...or was (more likely) worried (rightly or wrongly) that they'd think I was in on it if I seemed to 'know too much'.

* * *

Was touring around with my best chum from college and her husband. The landscape/buildings seemed 'Irelandish'. At one point I was giving the husband directions; he seemed to be in a 'red pickup truck' that suddenly I was not in (not sure where my friend was either), but just as well, as he suddenly shot out off a quay or pier into this pond/water area (area seemed to be a bit flooded or had a risen water level since the last time we'd seen it, or else someone told me this fact) next to some collection of buildings. I didn't freak; was more in an eye-rolling 'Very funny, you're in male show-off mode' mood, which he indeed was, for after a moment or two of seeming to sink, the 'truck' rose up a bit, floating perfectly; it was, or course, a dual-mode vehicle that could go on water.


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