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( Feb. 9th, 2017 09:39 am)
Late, hypoglycemic sleep, due to Snow Day.  Spent some time in what felt (and I took) to be a kind of con(vention).  Basically I was hanging out with a bunch of (overall) merry characters, in some sort of interior where interesting or bizarre things would occasionally happen. Hence, a con.

At one point, was in a room with a bunch of other people, and it seemed a bunch of fellows had gone out somewhere.  We were awaiting their return.  In the meantime, a couple of us were playing or continuing a game - one where you drew lines between dots to make shapes. I tried one move where (similar to a famous answer to a visual mind teaser), I was trying to make a shape bigger than usual on the 'board'.  Not sure if it worked or not.

Presently the lads came back, and I tried to get them to pay attention to the game (perhaps I hoped we'd gained on them while they'd been out, or something), but another distraction interfered soon after - the door opened and a parade of merry characters came in, passed through the room, and then passed out the other door. I saw one person who seemed to be in a wheelchair near the front of the procession.  For a moment I focused on him a little more, and being a DoctorWho fan first and foremost, semi-wondered, 'Gee; is that Nicholas Courtney?' (who is of course no longer among us). I got from someone that this had been a spontaneous parade of guests at the con, and thought one mentioned McGoohan being there - I felt a vague bit of 'Oh; should have paid more attention to everyone as they were going through' regret. (He is also 'no longer among us', needless to say).

A bit later, part of this sequence, I think - I seemed to glance into an adjoining room, and see some people show up (again) and found myself thinking that they were back.  I had this feeling that I'd been tagging along, or had watched them.  At one point, may have wandered between what I took to be 'lab bays', seeing one of them sitting at a bench and working, but now they'd all gathered at another spot but possibly in the same general building/complex, and I was noticing their relocation there, possibly to converse/socialize in chairs at little low (coffee table height), square tables.  One fellow seemed bearded (and possibly 'hippyish').

*   *   *

Another dream or scenario right before waking:  I was either in, or watching (that typical POV confusion) what looked/felt like a typical YA Dystopic/Adventure storyline. Though this one had at least one element that reminded me of Rogue One. (Spoilers ahead, haha).

A young grade or middle-school aged brunette or black haired girl seemed to be out on her own, on the run as it were, hiding from an Antagonist of a large heirarchical organization (who here, I 'got' was female). As in Rogue One, I think her father was still back where the 'baddies' were, and so she had to stay free of their control.  They were probably looking for her, though they seemed to be talking to her occasionally, through these large screens installed in the area we were in. (Which would argue for the idea that they knew, at least generally, where she was, but perhaps it wasn't as simple as that.) Seemed to me at times someone from the anatagonist's side would get on the comm system, as it were, and talk to her, maybe try to get her to loosen her resolve or something? Often it was a lower level antagonist flunky, etc.

During the travel to that 'safer' spot, at one point while crossing what at first seemed to be a little plowed 'field', I felt as if I was on my back, momentarily sinking slowly in a very cold, thick liquid - and worried about drowning as it started to try to go into my nostrils.  Though soon after I seemed to be free of that. (Part of why I wondered whether I was involved, or just watching).

Anyway, at the safer spot, but the one with 'screens' through which the antagonist forces would harrass the Protagonist, I was again not sure whether I was involved or not - so when one being came on the screen to try to talk smack to her, I scooted around the corner and lay low, so they wouldn't 'see' me in case they could from the 'screen' and know she had 'backup'. I.E., if I was involved, I was determined to somehow help her.


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