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( Jan. 15th, 2017 08:38 am)
Scattered dreams mostly happening in interiors, including moving around an interior, at one point trying to sneak somewhere sans clothing and being momentarily glimpsed by three women coming down the hallway as I tried to pop out of a doorway. I ducked back in, feeling mortified and hoping they hadn't seen too much /wouldn't tell everyone else about it.

But the most memorable one included time spent outside. I found myself with this guy, who seemed to be a survivalist / trainer type of guy.  The situation felt as if a couple of people, including me, had won something (like a brief visit) with the dude, but while the other person disappeared after a brief time spent with the guy, I remained - it appeared he'd taken an interest in me, maybe wanted to see if I could really be trained up.  We discussed a bit of stuff I don't now quite recall, and he then started talking about being un/less seeable while out in the wilderness (ie, possibly including but not limited to concepts like camoflauge), and briefly called upon a female friend to illustrate (she showed up momentarily, all loaded up with a heqvy pack for hiking/camping, but all darker wilderness colors). Then he was eating (but I was not).  I guess that meal was not part of the session with him; I'd eat elswhere, later.

The latter dream might have been influenced by having last night heard on a podcast, an ex-military guy mention how he was teaching his girlfriend how to shoot and maintain various types of guns.  The context of the podcast was such that I think the average listener would have thought to themselves, "Yes; imminently Sensible."


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