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( Jan. 7th, 2017 10:34 am)
Seemed to be visiting my eldest brother.  He seemed to have moved house, into a larger one that I assumed was his permanent (last) habitation. Although in RealLife™ he has made clear his reasons (reasonable enough)  for not having pets, here he had 8 cats - several of whom were kittens roaming and gamboling in his house. I looked at some of the kittens and seemed to see one or more that may have been injured - or perhaps that was the live(?) mice, some of whom looked torn in half...(!)  (Perhaps by the cats??) I may have been worried that some of them (if real/live) might have been in pain unnecesarily and so might have been considering what I could do about that.

*   *   *

Was going about in an urban setting with two people, not that known to me, I think - male and female.  We may have been part of a larger 'tour' or expedition that may have been questing for something in the environment.  We also may have gotten separated from that group; at  one point we were in a restaurant or cafe. Finished there, we started to leave, but I suddenly retraced my steps, going back for some paper materials (not necessarily anything important, but something I thought we ought not to leave there) we'd almost left on the table, momentarily startling the group now about to sit at the table.


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