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( Aug. 17th, 2017 07:14 am)
A weird sequence where I was in this interior which had lot of people - like a sci-fi-fi convention or something similar.  Vague impression that I was with or saw someone (female) whom I knew.  At any rate, saw Justin Trudeau... and wanted to get a picture with or of him.  I don't recall exactly what was so funny, but there was something, maybe him holding some object up, that would have made a really witty composition, great for posting to the internet and being seen as Witty, and I wanted that picture (and knew that in general, due to his 'I'm a good natured fellow' reputation) that he was more likely than the average VIP to grant said photo.

However, before I could easily get that picture, but right before I was going to get at least some sort of photo, he was telling a tale, perhaps to me but especially to another person (male) there, that when people took photos (but, unexpected flash photos of him), this is what kept happening:  HE was actually an alien, and some royalty or leader, and when he was startled by that kind of photo, loyal underlings would suddenly appear, hustle him inside some little area to check on his well-being (due to having sensed his startlement and momentary unease). So super-quick that no one else noticed it. This being thus startled and instantly checked on tended to make him cranky, at least momentarily.  Unfortunately, before I could process what I'd heard, I think I accidentally took one of those photos.  Trudeau became very still and quiet , and I found myself fearing I'd annoyed him.
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( Aug. 14th, 2017 06:32 am)
An especially Weird sequence last night. Seeing some scenario as if solders were aware of journalists who were doing the usual patriotic flogging of war bulls*t.  The soldiers had the usual contempt for such chicanery, except there seemed to be one guy, one journalist they still respected (I think?), as his ability to evoke the idea of what was Good and Worthwhile was matched by no others.  Here, I'm not sure if they saw his as also propaganda but just so well done they had to respect it...some evocation of Mom ad Apple Pie (that whole 'What are we fighting for?')...or whether what he wrote somehow Transcended the fact that our general excuses for war are, in general, Lies.  Another possibility is that he among the rest was the only one to finally start telling Truth.  Which, in that context, would be the Dangerous practice of speaking Truth to Power. (Especially when the PTB are caught up in one of their 'We make reality' moments.)

This scene segued to a couple of 'angels' (though they looked like those little kid angels -there was a quality to this scene similar to some of the 'It's a Wonderful Life' scenes), speaking of the journalist in actual Awe - they appeared to be claiming him as one of their own (but presumably incarnated as a human).  One mentioned that if anyone was truly Wyrd...(and it was that 'word', in that 'spelling')...it was this guy. So even the angels looked up to this guy.
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( Aug. 13th, 2017 09:09 pm)
Weird mix of scenes - in one, was dealing with a few antagonists - one of whom looked or 'felt' like the Marvel Movieverse's Loki.  I was in a room, and  several people swarmed in, and the Loki-like one glanced up, saw me, and seemed to say/express the equivalent of an avid "You'll do!"  As if on a little bed, I proceeded to try to keep these beings or things or whatever they were own and away from me, as if by flipping or flapping the edges of the bedspread at them.

In another scene or location, I seemed to have fled to another room (a bit like my childhood home's kitchen).  Something related to the 'antagonists' was chasing me, apparently. I backed into a corner, and tried to keep this little squirrel-like creature from attacking me, but it eventually leaped in and bit me.  At that point, I had this general 'Well, they got me now..." type of reaction.  Only thing I can thing in retrospect is it was some kind of biotech - perhaps something transmitted by the bite?  So, 'squirrel' as delivery mechanism, maybe....
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( Aug. 12th, 2017 06:20 am)
Was outside, road-trippin' through unfamiliar rural territory.  Someone (felt 'male') passed or veered off from behind, going down a left-hand fork I was just passing.  I kept going, or onto the right hand fork.  Presently, I came to....

...someone's basement. This guy, and a woman (his 'mother') were living there.  I may not have been traveling completely alone [ya think??!], as another female seemed to join me (or was with me all long?  Not clear) The 'mother' figure left the immediate area, as if to go get refreshments.  I got the impression the guy wanted to tell us about something, possibly an interest of his.  I may have been thinking I didn't want to get stuck hanging out there too long.  it was about this time when another female, not the mother figure, seemed to draw near and join in the conversation. Whoever this was, it may have reassured me that I wasn't 'alone' with this guy.

Along the way (not sure if from above sequence or not) the guy may have shown me that we were in a city (so wasn't a basement, or we'd moved out of the basement area of this dwelling to one with windows on the outside). I asked where it was, and he told me (I don't recall the specific name now, upon waking). Wasn't a city I'd heard of, but was, from the glance outside, pretty 'metropolitan'.  Enough tall buildings, some skyscrapers, for me to immediately it identify it as a cityscape. But I was surprised, as I'd not been apparently near any city.  Then again, it had been night as I'd been traveling. As far as I remember. I also had a vague impression that I'd been in some area of this country, and this city, whatever it was, again, wasn't something I'd heard of.
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( Aug. 10th, 2017 06:41 am)
Some amount of interior wanderings or hanging out.  Not great recall for details, though.  Just that sense of being inside somewhere, hanging out with some people.  As you do.
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( Aug. 9th, 2017 06:53 am)
Dreams with outside wanderings.  In one, I temporarily mislaid, then recovered a rather good pair of black flats (shoes).  Also found an additional pair or so, but really just wanted mine back.

In another sequence, was outside, though under some over-hang or over-pass shelter, trying to do stretches, but having trouble due to being so thick and stiff in the belly area.  Someone female, who'd been doing some stretches as I arrived was now watching me.
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( Aug. 8th, 2017 07:08 am)
Was in aan interior; someone was there who seemed to be a co-worker.  I got it in my head that it was his birthday (though he didn't make a big thing about it - was more as if he'd said nothing, but I'd suddenly remembered or caught wind of it), and was about to go get him a small gift card for Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks.
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( Aug. 4th, 2017 07:51 am)
Was hanging out in the kitchen of the home I grew up in, with two young women also being there.  I told them I'd have to go back to eating low(er) carb due to general worries about my health, warning them that I'd 'be cranky for about a week...'  (Meaning, during the switch over from glucose to ketone fueling.)
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( Aug. 3rd, 2017 06:52 am)
Dreams last night; don't recall too much detail, but there was a bit of wandering, some of it possibly urban.  There was also a moment where I seemed to be sitting on the floor somewhere and Prince (or possibly someone who really reminded me of him) showed up. I kind of looked up with I think a touch of a smirk, declaring, "You're a troublemaker," as he pulled me up to my feet to join him and we started to walk.  "Thank you," he replied instantly to what to him was a compliment, with this quiet, almost diffident/modest (bit hard to describe), unmistakable combo of slyness/mischief/satisfaction.
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( Jul. 31st, 2017 07:06 am)
Was at the school I work at but needing or wanting the type of services they offer students - such as using the showers. I went over to a location, and there was this long line of people waiting to get in to use the showers.  A friend of mine was there (somewhere; she'd gone on ahead), waiting.  I asked how long the wait was, and this (asian) guy explained that there were a bunch of people waiting to get in who were 'smokers' (i.e., they were desperate to get rid of the reek). I explained I wanted to check in  with/ talk to my friend, and soon I was on a bus to the next location, but somehow still part of the showering complex.

On that bus, I sat across from a (middle-aged) couple, who were quietly but bitterly complaining about how the school had treated them.  The husband might have been an alumn,  I speculated to myself.  They didn't like the wacky shower system, and the wife grumbled of having heard gunshots (I thought to myself, that's Bridgeport for ya!) near where the school had put them up dreams, alumni, showers, .  I was listening sympathetically to their grumblings.
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( Jul. 30th, 2017 06:36 am)
Road-triippin'.  Was either in or driving a vehicle - a bus? (POV confusion).  At one point, we came to an intersection / entrance to a highway - almost got confused about the situation, but realized it was a left-hand turn and stopped in time (bit of pumping the breaks).
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( Jul. 29th, 2017 06:15 am)
Being outside in a somewhat urban setting, and talked to a woman, who communicated to me she was trying to get some guy who was hanging around to go (home?). There was something weird about the situation, as if he was a but @#$%ed up in some way, and I think wouldn't leave, or not in a timely fashion.  Might have been at least another person around nearby as well.  Meanwhile, I had developed a case off the hysterical giggles - or some similar state. Not saying they situation was funny, but I was in that 'trying real hard not to lose it' state where inappropriate laughter was a real possibility. I may have been avoiding trying to be acting silly considering the guy's situation/state.
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( Jul. 26th, 2017 07:07 am)
Wandered an interior and exterior locations.  First I was inside some building, pretending to sleep (?) on a bed.  However, I was a bit worried, as there were some people going about, and I worried they were going to do something medical to me, willy-nilly.  I may have been considering hiding, perhaps under the bed covers. However, there were others about, some 'kids' - and suddenly one of them ran up to me and invited me to come play.  I said "Sure!" and, worried they'd become impatient if I dithered too long, hastened to throw on a couple of shirts/jumpers, as I knew it wasn't that warm outside. 

We went out, and (assuming this sequence was continuous) there seemed to be a lot of people hanging about outside.  In fact, seemed to be a large party, or at least there was that atmosphere.

At one point felt I was talking to a pair, one female who reminded me of (i.e., I thought she was) a friend from my Boston past whom I fell out of touch with in intervening years, and some guy.  Though she also could feel or perhaps seem like an alternate person/character.  Or else, as I awoke and assembled dream details, this person reminded of more than one person.  Anyway, she seemed eager to talk to me, and wanted especially to know something about me, but actually about my parents, maybe my dad - but I think, their/his political beliefs.  And I recall thinking to myself that this would be me explaining the difference between my dad and I, that we didn't share certain basic beliefs right now. EitherI didn't want her to misunderstand what I was about, but I felt that the difference between us needed to be emphasized.

I may have gone into another interior, or just wandered off a bit at one point, but felt I needed to get back to that couple.  While elsewhere, saw a woman saying something, perhaps explaining about some terrain that was nearby, yet it may be you had to be on a special group tour type of thing, to go over there.  Wasn't clear there may have been a specific thype of vehicle that would take people there or across it,  May have been bouldery or otherwise not a smooth traveling area. Mountain or Glacier-related?  Not sure.

This was about when I especially strongly got that 'party' or outside gathering impression. General sense of people hanging around outside, a few kids running about the fringes, etc.

I ended up eventually inside an interior again (again, not sure if continuous).  There seemed to be a prep going on for an event, something big.  My 'friend' from earlier seemed to be there; she told me (quietly but with satisfaction) that she'd been asked to read something, maybe some part of the ceremony of what I got the impression was similar to a marriage or a hand fasting. She seemed pretty chuffed to be asked to do that, sort of a "How cool, huh?" impression from her. This also may have been her way of letting me know she would be busy (and maybe  couldn't spend as much time with me right then). People may have already been there, or maybe they had yet to arrive; not clear.

I wandered across this large interior space and noticed this guy fiddling with something, some piece of equipment. A large glass lens may have been involved. Concerned that he was trying to go usurp the space (perhaps to show something, like a slide show?) and start doing something right before this big celebratory event, I kind of warned him off. He may have been (quietly) Amused about that.  At that point, I then considered that he may actually have been completely involved in the upcoming event.

Still loitering about, I saw a little cube on the floor.  This seemed to have a computer-type connection (similar to an ethernet port) but also a little area where, when it was working properly, or properly 'on', held a little blue 'flame' like a gas pilot light.  Dunno if this was something that guy was going to use, something someone else would need, or just something I stumbled across. (Might even be that I was told to go look at it to get me out of certain people's hair...)

Al I know is upon awakening, recalling seeing that rocky or bouldery or mountainy area, my mind immediately thought, suspiciously...."Huldenfolk...?"

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( Jul. 25th, 2017 06:58 am)
Seeing something similar to 'previews', as if of upcoming tv programs, possibly all set during the Civil War era.  One, Fugitive-trope style, had a family (husband, wife, son) trying to get somewhere, or at least keep a step ahead of some type of authority (not sure if martial or civil).  They could have been outlaws, or just in the wrong area being on the wrong side during the war and fleeing somewhere due to that. Impressions was, they were all pretty bad@ss. They were also together, had that going for them.

Another 'preview' seemed to be of a different group, this one of kids.  They were hiding, then one dislodged something, made a noise, and winced (as if so tired or running...AGAIN), as they heard, way off, the sound of apparently renewed pursuit.
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( Jul. 21st, 2017 07:07 am)
Guit/Stress dreams.  Dreamed I was in a house, and I let my cat go too close to an open (no screen) window while were on the 2nd floor, and I was sitting with my feet on the windowsill...and he lost his balance slipped, and fell out.  I didn't freak (for a wonder), but got up and carefully, deliberately looked out and down.  I caught a glimpse of him down there, and got that he was still alive.

Went down and out to find him, and found him being attacked (in a slow way) by another cat. Chased the other cat off him and was preparing to pick him up and take him inside. Said to myself in a self-congratulatory way,"This is why we get them their rabies shots!!"
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( Jul. 19th, 2017 07:13 am)
Random collection of travel dreamage.  Considered going somewhere by bus or train, but didn't go in the end, I guess. Also, hung around a fairground area; was going to go see a specific exhibit, but waited too long (saw one guy and his friends apparently sneak in but not really as it turned out).  People were breaking down that area.  Might have been 'balloons' (shades of missing the balloons being up at a balloon festival a couple of weeks back).
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( Jul. 17th, 2017 07:05 am)
Wandering around somewhere abroad - presumably the UK, based on the dream details - with my 'parents'.  At one point, they told me we'd be having an audience with the Queen (!).  I, however, wandered off, started walking around the city (presumably London?) with two young women.  Not sure how much I knew them, but I started to get that 'should get back; will miss audience...' feeling.  They, on the other hand, seemed dismissive of that or at least said they'd not go (if they had the chance?), but from shyness, apparently.

I headed back and at some point felt I'd found my mom, but she was standing doing something on a little stage with two other women, and also she kind of looked more like Hilary Clinton (!!) at that moment.  I expressed guilt over being late getting back, and tried to get a clear answer from her; had I missed the audience?  Didn't get a clear answer by the time the alarm woke me up.
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( Jul. 16th, 2017 01:57 pm)
Was wandering around in France. Not sure I'd taken enough money or maybe not changed it to francs (I'd forgotten about the Euro thing). Was wandering about, looking for shops. Was about to head back whence I'd come, thinking I ought to check my wallet and see what I had in there. Realized I'd have to try to use my broken French to communicate, ugh...
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( Jul. 14th, 2017 07:41 am)
Was wandering around a house, apparently with no one home. Except possibly a cat. Seemed to be my Ex's house...or at least 'felt' like it. That said, it was not anything like what I recall of the home he grew up in.   At one point, heard a noise from one room went to confront it.  Turned out to be a radio or some other piece of equipment that ad gone on automatically, presumably due to a timer.  I think I turned it off, despite knowing it kinda wasn't my business to do so, then prepared to leave. Heh.
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( Jul. 13th, 2017 06:55 am)
Was wandering the grounds of my childhood home, but there seemed to be a bunch of people there who weren't usually there, now or in the past.  I went down near where an old barn, now a foundation, used to stand, feeling as though I might be able to fly or float, if I will it hard enough. It was almost as if I might be trying to 'run away' from the people up in the house.  However, I was soon distracted by seeing one of the neighbors (with a few helpers) from the next lot over fell a tree, which fell onto our land, whereupon they trespassed and proceeded to start butting the tree up.  I dithered, wondering if I ought to confront them but not willing to just go do so, when a bunch of the people fro the house came trooping protectively down to confront them. I kind of sighed mentally in relief, as they'd do it, but at the same time I felt a bit foolish - of *course* the trespassers had to be confronted - so they wouldn't just assume they could do that the of thing.

As the group came down and around me, I saw that a workplace co-worker (my workplace's CIO, who shares space with the library operations) was one of the people coming down.  I also noticed the on-going conversation which included the CIO's opinion that this was a nice little plot of land; would make a nice little farm if it were managed that way (it never was a proper little farm though there was gardening and chickens when I was growing up). We were suddenly all also sampling cheese and thin, lacey crackers, I think.  Almost as if a preview of what could be done with the place. Products that could be created and sold.

The trespassers had been sorted, I suddenly noticed - they were gone, but the cut up tree trunk was there.  Not sure what the outcome was -whether  they left and we kept the tree for it being felled on our side, whether they would come back later and take part or all of the trunk, or whether hey'd just outright been run off.  


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